Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 4/29/13.

1: Boston Red Sox (18-7, +$985) (LW: 6): The Red Sox are the best money team in the bigs right now, and they have a lot of work to do if they are ultimately going to make up for the fact that they were the most disastrous money team in the bigs last season… Still, the Nation has to be thrilled to see what's going on in Beantown at the moment.

2: Pittsburgh Pirates (15-10, +$818) (LW: 15): It was only three weeks ago that the Pirates were the second to worst money team in the league. Now, they're the second best, and the turnaround can be attributed to the play of this bullpen. Between Mark Melancon and Jason Grilli, they have 25 frames pitched and just two total runs allowed. There's a reason that Pittsburgh only has one blown save all season long.

3: New York Yankees (15-9, +$727) (LW: 11): The whole world watched and laughed as the Yankees ultimately looked like a joke of a team at the outset of the year. What's scary is that we still haven't see the return of Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, and Mark Teixeira yet, and New York is still playing .625 baseball (which, by the way, would translate into 101 wins in a full regular season).

4: Baltimore Orioles (15-10, +$563) (LW: 16): Playing 10 games against the Halos, Blue Jays, and A's isn't easy, but Baltimore came out of those clashes at 7-3. The offense is now averaging 5.16 runs per game, good for second in the majors. Unfortunately for Baltimore, it is still just third in the AL East at the moment behind the Yanks and the Sox.

5: Kansas City Royals (13-9, +$560) (LW: 7): The Royals knew if they were going to compete this year that they were going to have to do so with their pitching. That's why they went out and signed Ervin Santana and traded James Shields. Now, they are at the top of the AL Central, and they rank second in the game with a 3.10 team ERA.

6: Colorado Rockies (15-10, +$551) (LW: 3): The Rockies have to be careful, as they have lost six out of eight and have lost the lead in the NL West. They still have one of the best offenses in the game, but they are really going to have to get their act together from a pitching standpoint if they are going to compete through the summer.

7: Atlanta Braves (15-9, +$496) (LW: 1): Since coming out of the blocks at 11-1, the Braves are just 4-8, and they have dropped $583 for their bettors in that stretch. If there's a bright spot though, OF Justin Upton is leading the majors with 12 homers. If you want to play the game of hilarious hypothetical numbers, that leaves him on a pace for 80 home runs this season. Of course, he and his brother have also combined for 56 strikeouts as well in just 24 games.

8: Arizona Diamondbacks (15-10, +$481) (LW: 5): Arizona has done well to take five out of six games against the Rockies and the Giants in spite of the fact that it hasn't scored more than four runs in a game in five straight. Patrick Corbin quietly has three wins and a 1.91 ERA for the Snakes.

9: Texas Rangers (16-9, +$447) (LW: 10): It's pretty much been status quo for the Rangers all year long. They have won or split every single series that they have played this year, and if that keeps up, there is no doubt that they are going to be back in the playoffs once again as the dominating team from the AL West.

10: Minnesota Twins (11-10, +$374) (LW: 19): Minnesota is the perfect example a team that is going to probably have a losing record this year but could win some money for you. The Twinkies were finally favored for the first time this year when they played two home games against the Marlins. It's amazing to think that they have been pups in 19 of their first 21.

11: St. Louis Cardinals (14-10, +$307) (LW: 9): The odd weeks for the Cardinals just keep on coming. They scored nine runs on Friday and nine runs in their other previous five games combined. They allowed at least five runs three times and allowed a grand total of five runs in their other previous five games combined. It's a quirky team for sure, but the Cards keep winning in a division full of overachievers thus far this year.

12: Oakland Athletics (14-12, +$120) (LW: 2): Take away games against the Astros, and the Athletics are just 8-12 and -$380 this season. The best stat on the A's? They're 21-5 for 'over' bettors this season, and there isn't another team in baseball that is anywhere near that good (or bad) in regards to 'totals'.

13: Milwaukee Brewers (12-11, +$35) (LW: 27): The Brew Crew are living off of a nine-game winning streak that carried them through the bad times that they had at the very start of the season. Milwaukee is hoping that losing three of its last four isn't an indication that things are about to turn sour once again.

14: Detroit Tigers (13-10, -$71) (LW: 17): The Tigers swept the Braves at home in their most impressive series of the season over the weekend, outscoring one of the best teams in baseball by a 25-7 margin. It was a particularly good series for Miguel Cabrera, who had six hits, three of which went for extra bases, and he drove in six and scored four.

15: San Francisco Giants (13-12, -$100) (LW: 4): The Giants have lost five games in a row in crippling fashion, and they have allowed at least six runs in three of those five games. That's incredibly not like the Giants, who are used to having one of the best pitching staffs in the game. This year, they rank just 14th in team ERA at 3.71.

16: Cincinnati Reds (14-12, -$176) (LW: 23): The Reds really shouldn't be struggling offensively, but in this case, they really are. This is a team that had scored seven runs in its previous five games before putting five up on the Nats in DC on Sunday. Still, there are some major concerns going forward for sure for a team that is batting just .247 as a club.

17: Washington Nationals (13-12, -$181) (LW: 14): RHP Stephen Strasburg has to want to sue for lack of support. Not only did he get shut down last year by his franchise in the midst of a potential World Series run, but now, he is just 1-4 in spite of the fact that he has a 3.16 ERA. Thanks for the 1.8 runs of support per game, guys. Thanks for the support.

18: Cleveland Indians (9-13, -$229) (LW: 13): And this is why the first week of baseball is so much fun for so many teams. The Tribe won their first two games. They're 7-13 since. We'll say this, though. When the Indians score runs, they score them in bunches. They have five games this year with at least eight runs scored, and in the rest of their games combined, they have averaged just 2.24 runs per game.

19: San Diego Padres (9-15, -$304) (LW: 30): The Pads have gotten out of the gutter for MLB betting fans with their four-game winning streak. They are still in the bottom half of the league for sure, but that's what a 5-15 start to the campaign will do for you. They're +$423 in their last four though, and that's what San Diego fans hope to see more of as the summer progresses.

20: Tampa Bay Rays (12-13, -$365) (LW: 26): LHP David Price is in a spat with an umpire over getting cursed at coming off of the mound. Of course, Price is probably in his last 25 or so starts with the Rays as well. Tis the life of being a small time ball club just trying to keep up. Next up? Matt Moore is 5-0 with a 1.12 ERA and a 0.88 WHIP thus far this season, and he is clearly the next in line of potential Tampa Bay aces in that rotation.

21: Los Angeles Dodgers (12-12, -$379) (LW: 12): The offense scored some runs this week for the Dodgers, but they still have some real problems to try to overcome. Matt Kemp has just one home run this year, Andre Ethier is batting just .229, and a ton of pitchers in the bullpen have had terrible starts to the season.

22: New York Mets (10-13, -$424) (LW: 8): Mr. Met is clearly being handed a tissue to wipe away his tears from what he has seen over the course of the last several games. Matt Harvey has four wins to his credit this year. The rest of the team is just 6-13 and would have a team ERA of around 5.00. The good news is that the Marlins are on deck, but losing four in a row and scoring just seven runs in those games hurts.

23: Philadelphia Phillies (12-14, -$454) (LW: 18): And to think, the Phillies just swept three games at Citi Field! Prior to that happening, they were just 9-14 with nearly $800 worth of losses to try to erase. It's good to see Chase Utley hitting again. He is batting .295 with four homers and a total of 10 extra base hits, and he hasn't missed a game thus far on the season.

24: Chicago Cubs (9-15, -$466) (LW: 24): Anthony Rizzo has blasted eight homers thus far for the North Siders, but the bad news is that Carlos Marmol, who was known for his bullpen implosions over the course of the last two seasons, leads the team in wins. Of course, the Cubbies have won three out of four thanks to the fact that they just spent Thursday through Sunday in South Beach.

25: Chicago White Sox (10-14, -$502) (LW: 21): The White Sox are batting just .229 as a team, and they have a team OPS of .662. However, it wasn't scoring runs that was the problem against Tampa Bay this weekend. Chicago allowed 18 runs in the two losses. If the pitching goes cold for this team, it's going to be a long, long summer at US Cellular Field.

26: Seattle Mariners (11-16, -$551) (LW: 22): While we were away, Felix Hernandez won his 100th and 101st games of his career, all of which have come with the M's. Imagine if he played on a good team? He'd probably have 120 wins by now, all at the age of just 27 years old. There's a chance that this would have been a 300-game winner on a good team. As it is, Hernandez will probably do little more than 200.

27: Houston Astros (7-18, -$860) (LW: 20): It's just really tough to bet on this Houston pitching staff right now. The Astros have a 5.51 team ERA and a 1.63(!!!) team WHIP. They have just six quality starts in 25 games. Hell, it might be time to see if Rick Ankiel can still throw the baseball if the team is going to pitch that poorly.

28: Los Angeles Angels (9-15, -$900) (LW: 28): There really is a point that Manager Mike Scioscia should be fired. His team is six-games under .500 in spite of the fact that it has spent gobs and gobs of money on free agents these last two seasons. Of course, it would really help if Albert Pujols wasn't batting .244 with a .710 OPS and Josh Hamilton was batting better than .219 with a .590 OPS.

29: Miami Marlins (6-19, -$1,005) (LW: 29): The Marlins are still hilarious to watch. They rank dead last in the league in runs per game (2.68), batting average (.220), team OPS (.590), and home runs (12). It just doesn't get any worse than this. At least the pitching staff only allowed a respectable 15 runs in a four-game set against the Cubs.

30: Toronto Blue Jays (9-17, -$1,086) (LW: 25): Any time you're behind the Marlins in something, you have to feel sorry for yourself. The Blue Jays have already paid out $18.5M in salaries this season. The Marlins are only paying $46M for the entire season, and that number is probably going to be going down by the time the we're done with the trade deadline.