Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 5/6/13.

1: St. Louis Cardinals (20-11, +$791) (LW: 11): The Cards had an awesome week, winning six straight games and scoring progressively more runs than they kept scoring in the previous game. St. Louis started by scoring two against the Reds, then four, then six, then six again, then seven, and finally 10 in the finally of a four-game sweep at Miller Park.

2: Boston Red Sox (20-11, +$775) (LW: 1): The Sox had everything rolling, but when they went to Arlington, they were ultimately swept by the Rangers. It's not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, but had they come home at perhaps 22-9 or 21-10 after the trip to the Lone Star State would have looked and felt a lot better than 20-11. The fact that Boston has scored just seven runs in its last four games is the more concerning part of this streak.

3: Kansas City Royals (17-11, +$676) (LW: 5): OF Lorenzo Cain has a rock solid nine hits and five runs scored over the course of his last five games, and he has two triples in that stretch as well. The idea of this man going 30/30 this year isn't out of the question. KC is now 10-5 at home after taking back to back games against the Rays and the White Sox, and it is the team to catch in the AL Central.

4: Baltimore Orioles (19-13, +$668) (LW: 4): The Orioles are six-games over .500, and they are headed back home off of a 10-game road trip on the West Coast. They are 12-8 away from home this year, and they have eight more home games than road games left the docket for the rest of the year. Baltimore could be a team to watch out for in the AL East.

5: Pittsburgh Pirates (17-14, +$646) (LW: 2): Pittsburgh's pitching staff gave up 38 runs over the course of its six games this week, and it was fortunate just to win two of those games. The Pirates are going to have some better times ahead though, as series against the Mariners and the Mets this week really shouldn't be all that much of a challenge when push comes to shove.

6: Colorado Rockies (18-13, +$631) (LW: 6): Colorado has alternated wins and losses over the course of the last six games, and the team hasn't been on more than a two-game winning streak or a two-game losing streak since losing three in a row on April 21st-23rd. The Rockies know that they need to be more consistent than this, or they are going to be in a lot of trouble as the summer wears on in the NL West.

7: Texas Rangers (20-11, +$576) (LW: 9): The Rangers are always thought to be a team full of offense with suspect pitching, but through 31 games this year, they have the top ranked pitching staff in baseball, ranking first in the league with a 3.02 ERA and first with a 1.16 WHIP. If this team pitches like this all season long, look out! It will be the best team in the AL West, and potentially in the American League.

8: San Francisco Giants (19-12, +$545) (LW: 15): The G-Men have found ways to win games both as a tremendous offensive team or a tremendous pitching team. The series sweep against the Dodgers was a heck of a boost for the club. More importantly, RHP Matt Cain put together his first really good effort over the course of the last few weeks when he beat LA on Sunday Night Baseball.

9: New York Yankees (18-12, +$525) (LW: 3): The Yankees have been huge favorites over the course of the last week, especially at home against the Astros, where they were favored by at least a -185 margin in all three of the games. The loss at -230 in a 9-1 defeat killer the club. New York has to be counting down the days until CF Curtis Granderson, 3B Kevin Youkilis, and 1B Mark Teixeira are back in the lineup.

10: Oakland Athletics (18-14, +$358) (LW: 12): The A's don't have a single player on the team with more than 22 RBIs, but they do have nine players with at least 11 RBIs. That's why this is the second best scoring team in the bigs right now. Oakland has another chance this year to get into the playoffs, perhaps as the AL West champs.

11: Atlanta Braves (18-12, +$334) (LW: 7): OF Jason Hayward had an emergency appendectomy two weeks ago, and now, he is on the shelf for at least the next week or so. The offense has started to really slack for the Braves, and there are too many games where the team has scored three runs or fewer, four of them in fact, in the last six games.

12: Minnesota Twins (13-14, +$311) (LW: 10): The Twins are going to need to strike out some more batters if they are going to ultimately stay alive in the AL Central race. When Kevin Correia is your best pitcher, you know that you're going to have some issues. Still, we given Minnesota a lot of credit for hanging in there, at least through 27 games.

13: Detroit Tigers (19-11, +$309) (LW: 14): The Tigers have won nine of their last 10 games, and in that stretch, they 7.40 runs per game. 3B Miguel Cabrera now is batting .385, and he went 4-for-4 with two homers, three runs, and six ribbies in a 17-run outburst against the Astros on Saturday.

14: Cleveland Indians (14-14, +$179) (LW: 18): The Tribe are 6-1 in their last seven games, and they are up $534 in that stretch. All of a sudden, thanks to C Carlos Santana, who is batting .379 with an OPS of 1.160, this team is averaging 5.07 runs per game on the campaign. Cleveland's offense isn't going to be able to carry the team all by itself, and aside from Justin Masterson, someone else needs to step it up.

15: Cincinnati Reds (18-14, +$41) (LW: 16): Sweeping the Cubs was a great ending to the road trip for the Reds that was suspect at the outset after losing three straight to start a series against the Nationals. The team scored 19 runs in those three games at Wrigley Field, but the offensive numbers for Manager Dusty Baker's team haven't been all that great holistically for the season.

16: Arizona Diamondbacks (16-15, +$17) (LW: 8): You know it's not good for Arizona when you're losing two out of three against the Padres on the road. What's worse is that the team is headed to Dodger Stadium. There's a good chance that the Diamondbacks could be four or five games out of the NL West lead by the time this weekend rolls around.

17: Washington Nationals (17-15, -$41) (LW: 17): The Nats were in a heck of a lot of trouble at 13-14 through 27 games, but since that point, they have won four out of five against the Braves and the Pirates on the road, feats that aren't easy by any stretch of the imagination. When this offense can get some production aside from OF Bryce Harper, and when the pitching staff gets something going from RHP Stephen Strasburg, this should go back to being the best team in baseball.

18: San Diego Padres (13-18, -$176) (LW: 19): The Padres still don't have a starting pitcher on the team with better than a 3.86 ERA, but the only thing that is keeping this team going is the play of the bullpen. Five of the regulars all have ERAs of 2.70 or better, and with production like that, San Diego will at least find a way to stick around the breakeven mark this year.

19: Seattle Mariners (15-18, -$292) (LW: 26): OF Michael Morse went on a huge tear last week for the Mariners, as he hit three home runs and had six hits in a span of just four days to help carry the team to wins in six out of seven games. Morse has shown a ton of potential, but the problem with this Seattle team is that year after year, it's all about potential and not really about the end results.

20: Milwaukee Brewers (14-16, -$336) (LW: 13): The Brewers have been an absolutely insanely streaking team this year. They lost five in a row and eight out of nine in the first two weeks of the season. Then they won nine straight in the middle of April. Now, at the outset of May, Milwaukee has lost five straight games, and all of its pitchers in the starting rotation were beaten and beaten up badly. The Brewers have allowed at least six runs in six straight games.

21: Chicago White Sox (13-17, -$425) (LW: 25): The Sox continue to pitch well, but they aren't hitting the ball at all. The only qualified batters hitting better than .239 are OF Alex Rios and SS Alexei Ramirez. It's just not good enough for the South Siders at this point, and things just aren't improving at all.

22: Tampa Bay Rays (14-16, -$510) (LW: 20): Isn't there a point that the Rays should really start to worry? This is a team that is really just treading water as the Red Sox, Yankees, and Orioles continue to find ways to win games. The deficit is only 5.5 games in the AL East, but it feels like a heck of a lot more than that for a team that just hasn't hit its stride thus far on the campaign.

23: New York Mets (12-16, -$512) (LW: 22): Congrats to the Mets, who became the first team this season to lose a series to the Marlins… That's definitely nothing to be all that happy about, and for a team that has a 4.39 team ERA and a ranking of 24th or worse in virtually every major pitching category this year, that's only the continuation of what is inevitably going to be a lousy campaign.

24: Miami Marlins (10-22, -$697) (LW: 29): Miami is on a roll right now! The team has won back to back games, and it has scored 18 runs in those games. Don't get used to hearing that all that often this year. The Marlins are still quite the mess.

25: Chicago Cubs (11-20, -$822) (LW: 24): The Cubs have given up 6.33 runs per game in their last six games. That's problematic in itself, but it's particularly bad when you're playing games at home before the temperatures really start to warm up in the Windy City. The pitching is bad, as we know for the Cubs, but it can't be as bad as it is starting to look like it could be.

26: Philadelphia Phillies (14-18, -$886) (LW: 23): It's all bad news for the Phillies right now. They lost two games in a row to the Marlins, dropping $399 in the process. Now, they have to go to the West Coast to take on the defending champs and the Diamondbacks this week, and they probably aren't going to have RHP Roy Halladay, who is off to speak to his doctors about shoulder problems, which have landed him on the DL for the next two weeks.

27: Los Angeles Dodgers (13-17, -$907) (LW: 21): LA hit the ball plenty well against the Giants on the road, scoring 13 runs, but it allowed 16 runs and ultimately got swept. Averaging 3.47 runs per game is still very problematic for a team that has a boatload of money invested into its starting lineup.

28: Houston Astros (8-24, -$1,250) (LW: 27): Get used to hearing this statement. The Astros have lost six straight games, costing bettors $600 in the process. We guess that we'll get a chance to say that quite a bit this year. Simply put, this is the worst team in the American League by a country mile, and if not for the Marlins, this would absolutely be the worst team in baseball.

29: Los Angeles Angels (11-20, -$1,281) (LW: 28): The Angels just can't get anything going, and all of a sudden, they're nine games back of the Rangers 31 games into the season. We get it that no one on the offense is really getting the job done, and it probably won't until 1B Albert Pujols and OF Josh Hamilton get going, but for the pitching staff to be ranked 29th in the league? That's the really suspect part about what's going on right now in the land of the Angels.

30: Toronto Blue Jays (11-21, -$1,326) (LW: 30): It's tough to believe that things just keep getting worse for the Jays, but they do. The team still hasn't won more than two games in a row this year, and it has two four-game losing streaks just since April 25th. Yikes.