As the temperatures start to get warmer across parts of the country, home team play generally starts to get better across baseball. Today, we're going to be taking another look at some of the best home teams in the game and which ones have beaten the MLB betting lines with the most efficiency this year.

(Home record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Texas Rangers (11-4, +$588) - It's scary to think, but the Rangers are really getting the job done in Arlington with the strength of their pitching staff, not their bats. It's clear that the lineup isn't nearly as good without OF Josh Hamilton in there every day, but at least for the time being, the arms have been awesome. In 15 home games thus far this year, Texas is averaging holding teams to just 2.73 runs per game, including posting three shutouts in games started by three different pitchers. In fact, only two games this year have ended with road teams scoring more than five runs. We know that stat isn't going to hold throughout the whole season, but we also know that this team is going to rank better than 16th in baseball offensively when push comes to shove as well.

Colorado Rockies (11-5, +$576) - The Rocks have that natural built in home field advantage thanks to Mother Nature. They don't get games rained out early in the season. They get games snowed out. It will be interesting to see what happens at Coors Field when the temperatures get into the 60s and 70s with regularity over the summer, but for now, we aren't complaining about what the men in black and purple have been able to pull off. Even after losing two out of three at home to Tampa Bay, the Rocks have stormed back into the lead in the NL West by knocking off the Bronx Bombers in a tremendously efficient 2-0 game.

Cincinnati Reds (13-5, +$528) - No team in the bigs has more wins at home than do the Reds at this point in the season. That could bode well going forward, but we also have to look at this +$528 profit and realize that the club is +8 in the win/loss column. Is Manager Dusty Baker's club generally overrated? We will say this about Cincinnati, and it bodes watching closely. Remember that the team has already played 10 of its 18 home games against the Angels, Cubs, and Marlins, who combined only have 34 wins on the season. Take those games out, and this has been a very, very average team to say the least.

Pittsburgh Pirates (10-6, +$477) - If the motto is "Just Win 82" this year in Pittsburgh, winning 10 of its first 16 games at home has been a good start. The Pirates were a 45-win team at PNC Park last year, and as we saw at times as we got closer to the trade deadline, this was a city that really embraced its team when it was winning. Of course, there hasn't been a whole heck of a lot of winning over the course of the last two decades, but the team is on a clip this year to get the job done and perhaps get into the playoffs. The Bucs did lose two out of three to the Nationals at home last weekend, but we will note that the next four home series come against the Mariners, Brewers, Astros, and Cubs. Opportunity is certainly knocking for the Pirates.

Kansas City Royals (10-5, +$344) - Are this year's Royals the equivalent of last year's Orioles? KC won six of its nine games on its most recent home stand, and though there were some duds in the mix, there were also some remarkable wins as well. The pitching staff, which has been totally rebuilt, is really making the difference for the club. The Royals have allowed 3.73 runs per game at Kauffman Stadium this year. RHP Jeremy Guthrie has come out of nowhere to throw 15.2 scoreless innings in a row at home, including a complete game shutout against the White Sox in which he allowed just four hits and one walk in a gem of a game.