Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 5/13/13.

1: New York Yankees (23-13, +$998) (LW: 9): Don't look now, but the Evil Empire not only has the best money mark in the game, but it also has the second best record in baseball. New York has won five in a row, all of which have come on the road, and what's even scarier about this club is that a number of its best players are still stashed on the DL for the time being.

2: Pittsburgh Pirates (21-16, +$942) (LW: 5): We warned last week that the Pirates might be set to go on a run here in May, and they did just that this week, winning three straight against the Mets to hold serve as one of the best teams in the National League. The pitching staff for this team has been remarkable, as the Bucs have fired off six straight games allowing three runs or fewer.

3: Baltimore Orioles (23-15, +$854) (LW: 4): It's been three weeks since the Orioles have had back to back series at home, and they are finally going to be getting back to Camden Yards for an extended period of time this week. The third ranked offense in baseball is now up to averaging 5.00 runs per game after plating 20 in three days at Target Field against the Twinkies this past weekend.

4: Cleveland Indians (20-15, +$849) (LW: 14): A massive week for sure for Cleveland bettors, as the team came up with over six units of profit in a week that included a road win over Justin Verlander as a part of a crucial series win against the Tigers at Comerica Park. Cleveland is now 12-2 and +$1,204 over the course of its last 14 games dating back to April 28th.

5: St. Louis Cardinals (23-13, +$805) (LW: 1): The Cardinals threw back to back shutouts for the second time this season, and this time, they did it against the Rockies. RHP Adam Wainwright and RHP Shelby Miller pitched the distance in both games, and there were a total of just three hits allowed. Colorado's bats got back in the end, scoring eight runs in the final game of the series, but the Cards are still 9-2 in their last 11 to streak to the head of the class in the NL Central.

6: Texas Rangers (24-13, +$748) (LW: 7): Now there are the bats that we figured we were going to see out of the Rangers this year! They scored 20 runs in two days at the end of this weekend, but we have to question whether there is any more pop in those bats. Scoring 20 against Houston is one thing. Scoring 20 against Oakland at the O.co Coliseum is a significantly different story, and that's what's on tap this week.

7: Minnesota Twins (17-17, +$572) (LW: 12): The Twins might be able to hang around in this thing for a lot longer than people thought. They scored 26 runs in three games at Fenway Park to sweep the Red Sox, and in each of those games, they were underdogs of at least a +146 margin on the MLB betting lines. C Joe Mauer is now hitting .341 with an OPS of .915 on the campaign.

8: San Francisco Giants (23-15, +$542) (LW: 8): Not a lot changed for the Giants this week, as they pretty much treaded water. However, the series with the Braves ended with three straight wins at home, and that was more than good enough to keep the lead in the NL West for the time being. For now, that lead over Arizona is at two games, and the edge over Colorado is 2 ½.

9: Colorado Rockies (20-17, +$452) (LW: 6): Speaking of the Rockies… This offense averaged well over five runs per game over the course of its first 30 games of the year, but from May 5th through May 11th, the team scored a grand total of just eight runs in six games. Of course, the Rocks also put up eight runs in one game against the Cardinals on Sunday, a reminder that they can indeed still light it up when given the chance to get the job done.

10: Arizona Diamondbacks (21-17, +$354) (LW: 16): It's a good thing that the Diamondbacks are pitching well, because they sure as heck aren't hitting the ball. They have five straight games with no more than three runs put on the board. However, when they have been on the mound of late, they have been sharp, accounting for seven straight games with no more than four runs allowed. There's a reason that this team has the fifth best team ERA in baseball at 3.45.

11: Atlanta Braves (21-16, +$250) (LW: 11): It really looked like the Braves had turned another corner and had gotten back to their winning ways, but in the end, they lost their last three games at AT&T Park, losing all three games by at least four runs. Fortunately for Atlanta, this 10-game roadie wraps up this week in the desert against the Diamondbacks.

12: Cincinnati Reds (22-16, +$226) (LW: 15): Why are we not all that shocked that the Reds managed to get a series sweep at home this week? The team is now 16-6 at home and just 6-10 on the road on the campaign. Of course, there's a great chance to get some road wins this week starting in Miami, where seemingly everyone manages to get a series win nowadays.

13: Kansas City Royals (18-16, +$191) (LW: 3): It was most certainly a frustrating 1-5 week for the Royals. The games that they lost were notable for sure. Losing and getting swept by the Yankees is nothing new for this franchise, but this was the time that Kansas City was really supposed to be able to not just compete with, but beat the boys from the Bronx. There's still a lot of growing to do in KC.

14: Boston Red Sox (22-16, +$70) (LW: 2): Kiss all of those profits that you built up early in the season goodbye, Red Sox Nation. The Sox dropped $705 this week, and all of the damage came at home at Fenway Park. It's still early in the season, but if Boston just barely misses out on the postseason this year, losing five games out of six, all of which came as at least -160 favorites in May will prove to sting.

15: Washington Nationals (20-17, -$93) (LW: 17): The Nationals have a great team without a shadow of a doubt, but they have to become more consistent when push comes to shove. They won five straight games, two of which came on the road against Pittsburgh and two of which came at home against Detroit. Those were great results, but for as great as they were, punting two straight to end the weekend against the Cubs was equally forgettable.

16: San Diego Padres (16-21, -$176) (LW: 18): Padres bettors broke dead even this week, something that you don't see all that often. The team won three games at home against the Marlins (a seemingly duh procedure nowadays) and followed that with three straight losses on the other side of the country at Tampa Bay (also a duh when you think about it). Two more Interleague games against the Orioles are on tap before coming home.

17: Oakland Athletics (19-20, -$179) (LW: 10): The A's have to be glad to be back at home for this week's games. The road trip that they just went on started well with wins in two out of three in the Bronx, but it ended with losses in six out of seven against the Indians and the Mariners, including getting a game ripped out of their hands at Progressive Field thanks to a gaffe with instant replay.

18: Seattle Mariners (18-20, -$182) (LW: 19): The Mariners have gotten some rare offensive production over the course of the last week or so, plating at least six runs four times just since the start of May. In spite of that, the team is still batting just .235 and averaging 3.55 runs per game, and that's why the M's have a losing record at this point in the season.

19: Detroit Tigers (20-15, -$227) (LW: 13): Few teams had as weird of a start to the month as the Tigers have. They have played 10 games in that stretch, and they were a favorite of -185 or better a whopping six times. They're just 4-2 in those games, but in the games that weren't lost at that price margin, they outscored their foes 36-6. It's partially a testament to how good the Tigers are, but it's partially a testament to how bad the schedule has been as well.

20: Tampa Bay Rays (19-18, -$281) (LW: 22): The Rays aren't above the breakeven line quite yet for betting purposes, but they are above the .500 mark for the first time since being 3-2 after winning five straight games, the last three of which came against the Padres. The fact that this team is above .500 with the start of the season that LHP David Price has gotten off to is a signal to the rest of the American League that perhaps there is a heck of a lot better coming from this team as we continue through May.

21: Chicago Cubs (15-22, -$453) (LW: 25): It's been a good week to be 1B Anthony Rizzo. The youngster had three hits in three games and two hits in another. His batting average is now up to .280, and he now has 28 RBIs in the middle of May. To top it all off, on Sunday, he inked a new contract worth $41M over the course of the next seven seasons. On top of that, the Cubs won four out of six and took some real steps in the right direction in the NL Central.

22: Chicago White Sox (15-20, -$542) (LW: 21): It was a par for the course type of week for the White Sox. They scored some runs off of home runs, but they scored virtually nothing aside from that, and if not for the fact that LHP Chris Sale darn near pitched a perfect game on Sunday Night Baseball, it would have been classified as a horrendous week for the South Siders.

23: Milwaukee Brewers (15-20, -$645) (LW: 20): The Brewers are now 1-8 in their last nine games, and they have cost bettors $880 in profits to show for their work. The pitching staff has now allowed at least six runs in seven out of 11 games, which isn't helping matters either in spite of the fact that the offense has scored six runs or more in five games in that run as well.

24: Philadelphia Phillies (18-21, -$713) (LW: 26): You wouldn't know it just by looking at the team's stats, but the Phils have the most quality starts in baseball with 26 through 39 games. Of course, the staff still has just a 4.11 ERA, ranking 21st in the game, and the offense still only ranks 27th in baseball, scoring 3.54 runs per game. That's why the Phillies are four back in the NL East at this point.

25: New York Mets (14-20, -$837) (LW: 23): We've now officially seen ridiculous. The Mets were -210 favorites on Sunday against the Pirates at home. Never, ever should a team that is going to be nowhere near the playoffs ultimately be greater than a -200 favorite regardless of what planet the game is being played on against a team that could contend for a spot in the playoffs, even if it is RHP Matt Harvey dealing on the bump.

26: Toronto Blue Jays (15-24, -$1,010) (LW: 30): The Blue Jays actually had a pretty darn good week this week, winning a series against their former Manager John Ferrell and the hated Red Sox. There's still a long ways to go to get back to the .500 mark, but this was a nice step in the right direction for a team that, in each of the last two weeks, was the dead last ranked team in the game in terms of monetary profits.

27: Miami Marlins (11-27, -$1,067) (LW: 24): And the Fish are back to getting fried once again… Miami scored just five runs in its five losses this week, and it is back to ranking dead last in the game in every offensive category. It's tough to imagine a team with Giancarlo Stanton on it literally ranking dead last in every offensive category in the majors, but that's what Miami has pulled off. The Marlins are on a pace right now for just 96 home runs in total for the entire season.

28: Los Angeles Dodgers (15-21, -$1,247) (LW: 27): The Dodgers lost eight straight games to start the month of May, and it was the first time in the history of their illustrious franchise (and there's a heck of a lot of history here to look at dating back to the days in Brooklyn) in which they lost eight in a row to start any month. Of course, the ultimate panacea was bringing the lowly Marlins to town.

29: Houston Astros (10-24, -$1,370) (LW: 28): It took the Astros 34 games to win their 10th game of the season. This pitching staff is the biggest laughing stock in the game. Phillip Humber was put out on assignment after starting the year at 0-8. Even funnier? Houston was allowed to blatantly cheat, bringing in a relief pitcher in place of a relief pitcher who hadn't faced a batter yet. It didn't help. The 'Stros still lost the game to the Angels.

30: Los Angeles Angels (14-23, -$1,377) (LW: 29): We have to think that the Angels have turned a bit of a corner. Since that game that we just mentioned against the Astros with the blown pitching change, the Halos have won three out of four and have held teams down just a total of just 15 runs. This next home stand is crucial, and it might determine the future of Manager Mike Scioscia.