Most starting pitchers that have stayed in their rotations all season long now have eight starts under their belts, so now is the time that we can really start to quantify how they're all doing. This is an article you're definitely going to want to read, as it will go over all of the best money pitchers on the MLB odds this season.

It's remarkable to think that there are still three pitchers out there in baseball who have started at least six games that have lead their team to perfect records when they are on the bump. The most shocking of the bunch is clearly Julio Teheran, who has profited $668 for MLB bettors this year in spite of the fact that he has a 4.84 ERA for the Atlanta Braves. We know that Teheran is going to come back to earth eventually, though we do like the fact that he ultimately pitched three pretty good games in a row without destroying his pitch count.

The other men that are featuring spotless records for their clubs are both clearly Cy Young Award contenders at this point in the year. Patrick Corbin probably won't be able to keep it up, but Matt Moore might.

Corbin is the top money pitcher in the game right now thanks to the fact that very few know his name. He also plays on what is perceived to be a suspect Arizona Diamondbacks outfit. Corbin though, has started seven games this season and has not allowed more than two runs in a single start. He is deserving of this 5-0 record under his own account, and his 1.75 ERA is out of this world.

Moore hasn't lasted more than five innings in either of his last two starts, and he has walked eight batters in those outings, but once he gets his control back, he'll get back to dominance. Moore is 6-0 with a 2.14 ERA on the season, and he has more strikeouts (43) than innings pitched (42).

Only five other pitchers in baseball have led their teams to a total of seven wins on the season. The only pitcher, in fact, in the Top 9 in terms of profits in the game that has fewer than seven wins for his team is Jeremy Guthrie. The Kansas City Royals know that they have a good one here, as Guthrie ranks eighth in the game with $552 of profits thus far on the campaign.

Justin Masterson continues his rise with the streaking Cleveland Indians. He just had his best game of the season, a complete game shutout against the New York Yankees in which he struck out nine, a huge happening, especially considering the fact that that was a part of a doubleheader on a day that was originally scheduled to be an off day. Masterson ranks fourth in baseball with a mark of +$607 in the black.

A pair of Maryland based pitchers are 5th and 6th on the MLB betting totem pole thus far this season. Both Jason Hammel and Jordan Zimmerman are 7-1, and they are earning $604 and $595 respectively for their clubs. Hammel though, has largely done this with smoke and mirrors, as he has gotten at least seven runs of support in each of his last five starts. Zimmerman is pitching like an ac, as he has allowed no more than three runs in a start this year. He also has thrown at least seven innings in four straight starts, lowering his ERA to 1.69. Zimmerman's seven wins is the best in baseball, and many think that he is going to win 20+ this season.

Interestingly enough, all of the pitchers on the Boston Red Sox that we talked about two weeks ago when we went over the best arms in the game have fallen, and most have fallen hard. Clay Buchholz though, is still coming in at ninth on the list of money pitchers this year with $530 of profits. The Sox need to play a lot better ball to keep him going.

The last pitcher that we have yet to talk about is Yu Darvish. Think that the Rangers star might have been worth all of the money given to him? He was only beaten once this year in a 3-1 game, and he is now seventh in the game in profits. Darvish might be the Cy Young winner right now in the American League, as he is 6-1 with a 2.73 ERA and a whopping 80 strikeouts. Keep this up over the course of the rest of the season, and Darvish will have 27 wins and 363 strikeouts! We know that all won't happen, but it shows just how wildly impressive his start to the campaign has been.