As the temperatures start to get warmer across parts of the country, home team play generally starts to get better across baseball. Today, we're going to be taking another look at some of the best visiting teams in the game and which ones have beaten the MLB betting lines with the most efficiency this year.

(Road record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

St. Louis Cardinals (14-7, +$751) - The Cards have the most road wins in the bigs, tied with two other teams. They're getting some remarkable pitching out of some of their starters, and it's a good thing, too. We can only imagine how good this team would have been had it gotten anything out of its bullpen this year. This unit still ranks amongst the worst in baseball as one of the only teams with a 5.00+ ERA. The next St. Louis goes on the road, matters will be a little more interesting. The Cardinals have to go out on the West Coast to take on San Diego and Los Angeles. Both teams stink right now, but that doesn't mean that the games will be easy. Before that though, there are still two more series to take care of at Busch Stadium.

New York Yankees (12-7, +$746) - The Yankees have been doing this with a little bit of smoke and mirrors, but wins are wins, and when you were projected to be the worst team in the AL East and the most disappointing team in baseball, going 12-7 in your first 19 road games is a heck of an accomplishment regardless of how you got them. The Bronx Bombers just went 6-2 on an eight-game road trip. Series against the Rockies, Royals, and Indians aren't generally all that difficult, but the Yanks were favorites in just one of those eight games. New York is back at home now for another week before heading back out and it has to be thrilled with how the campaign has started.

Baltimore Orioles (14-9, +$684) - The thing about the Orioles this year is that they haven't played a whole heck of a lot of difficult series on the road, and we think that could come back to bite them as the year goes on. The Twins stink. The Angels have underachieved. The Mariners stink. The A's have underachieved. The Yankees were on the schedule before they got hot. The Rays weren't off and running in the first series of the year. The only difficult series was the one against the Red Sox in the second road trip of the season. That said, Baltimore too, has been an underdog more often than not on the road this year, and Manager Buck Showalter should be proud of his men, even if we are a bit wary of their shtick at this point.

Pittsburgh Pirates (11-9, +$566) - Proof: You don't have to be a tremendous winning team to have a great record on the MLB betting lines, especially if you're playing on the road. Just take a look at some of what the Pirates have done this year away from home. The team knocked off Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee on the road in succession, and it followed that up with wins against Shelby Miller and Jake Westbrook in St. Louis. Now most recently, the Pirates beat the Mets with Matt Harvey as the starting pitcher. The bullpen has carried the Bucs at times this year, and a number of games that probably would have otherwise been lost in prior years have turned into road wins, some of which came at great prices.

Arizona Diamondbacks (11-7, +$537) - Whereas there are some teams that have made it to this point in the season because of the quantity of games that they have played on the road, Arizona has only played the role of the visitor 18 total times. It has been good in those games for sure, and it has been helped out by the pitching of LHP Patrick Corbin as well. The question though, is once Corbin starts to cool off, even if it's just for a bit, will the Diamondbacks start to struggle on the road as well? We aren't trusting that this is going to keep up, especially in the NL West where so many teams historically played incredibly well on their home turf.