Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 5/20/13.

1: Cleveland Indians (25-17, +$1,149) (LW: 4): The Tribe beat Justin Verlander on the road back on May 11th, and they have been flying since then. They really stormed through a series with the comparable Mariners this weekend, and they can close things out this afternoon with a four-game sweep on Monday afternoon if they can get the job done. The team has allowed 3.38 runs per game in its last eight.

2: Pittsburgh Pirates (26-18, +$1,053) (LW: 2): It's only natural for the Pirates to have things work out this way. They swept the Mets and took three out of four from the Brewers, and then they followed that up by nearly losing all three games to the Astros. Of course, they're still the Astros, and they still managed to lose two of those three games. However, previous editions of the Pirates would have still blown those close calls to bad teams. This one however, really does have a chance to get to 82 wins this season, and games like these are why.

3: Texas Rangers (29-15, +$1,045) (LW: 6): The Rangers have won nine of their last 11 games, and they have stormed to a 6.5 game lead in the AL West. We know that it was only a series in May, and the gun should not be jumped, but taking three out of four against the Tigers at home this weekend was proof that this is a team that has come a long, long way this year in spite of the fact that it was ridiculed for making all of the wrong moves in the offseason.

4: New York Yankees (27-16, +$1,002) (LW: 1): After a brutally bad series at home against the Mariners, Mother Nature kept New York from finishing a three-game sweep against Toronto. Alas, Sunday's game was halted before it ever started, but the two wins in a row against division rivals was still good news for the Bronx Bombers. The bad news? These next two series are crucially huge in Baltimore and in Tampa Bay.

5: St. Louis Cardinals (28-15, +$909) (LW: 5): The stellar pitching staff for the Redbirds had a not-so-stellar week. The team allowed at least four runs in six out of eight games, and though that isn't nearly a damning stat, it is horrid for a team that has a 3.18 ERA as a club with a team WHIP of 1.21. Matters will improve, but this West Coast trip that is ahead is going to be awfully tough.

6: Colorado Rockies (24-20, +$563) (LW: 9): There is a seismic gap between the Top 5 money teams in the game and the rest of the field. The Rockies are the best of the rest at the moment, but we have a feeling that they are starting to trend in the wrong direction after being one of the best teams in the majors over the course of the first 25 or so games of the campaign.

7: Boston Red Sox (27-17, +$511) (LW: 14): Scoring three in the ninth inning against Tampa Bay on Thursday really propelled the Red Sox this week, as they are back on strong footing after going to Target Field and sweeping the Twins. With four teams at least three-games above .500 in the AL East, every win you can get is an important one, especially when a maximum of three teams are going to get into the postseason from your own division.

8: Arizona Diamondbacks (25-19, +$509) (LW: 10): Shame on the Diamondbacks for scoring one run in total in the last two games in their series against the lowly Marlins. That snapped a four-game winning streak though, so it's tough to get on Arizona's case for what amounts to be a blip in the radar in an otherwise fantastic start to the season.

9: Atlanta Braves (25-18, +$439) (LW: 11): The Braves had a good week this past week, but it was really only made by going to the West Coast and sweeping the Dodgers. OF Jason Heyward is back in the lineup, but he only went 2-of-10 in his first series back in the fold this past week after his appendectomy four weeks ago.

10: Cincinnati Reds (26-18, +$373) (LW: 12): Bronson Arroyo complained late last week that he never felt well while he was pitching during day games. Maybe he needs to feel poorly more often. In two day starts this week, Arroyo threw 14.1 scoreless innings and allowed just five hits and three walks against 11 strikeouts.

11: Baltimore Orioles (23-20, +$243) (LW: 3): The Orioles had one of the best bullpens in baseball until Saturday when they let the Rays bat around and get six runs off of Jim Johnson in the ninth inning. A sweep at the hands of Tampa Bay knocked the O's back into a tie for third place in the AL East, four games behind the division leading Yankees.

12: Minnesota Twins (18-22, +$143) (LW: 7): It almost seems like the Twins and the Orioles are following each other right now. Minnesota ended up losing five straight games as well, just like Baltimore did this past week, and as a result, both are plummeting through the MLB money rankings quickly. Now, the Twinkies seemingly are back where they belong in the gutter in the AL Central.

13: San Diego Padres (20-23, +$120) (LW: 16): The Padres have seemingly been inching closer to the .500 mark all season long after a really bad start to the campaign, and they took another step in the right direction this past week when they two four out of six from AL East foes. Exploding for 13 runs on Washington on Sunday was a reminder that this team really does have some talent in the lineup.

14: San Francisco Giants (24-20, +$101) (LW: 8): It was a bad week for the G-Men and their bettors, as they were beaten to the tune of over four units of losses. Not only did the team lose the last three games against the Rockies, but it lost those three games by allowing 25 total runs. That's now a whopping 8.67 runs per game allowed for the Giants in their last six games, and their team ERA is now ballooning up to 4.21.

15: Oakland Athletics (23-22, +$12) (LW: 17): Oakland is back above the .500 mark again, and it is ahead of the breakeven line for bettors as well. Sweeping the Royals was nice, but the A's now have a wild road trip ahead of them that starts with three games in Arlington this week. Lose all three of those, and all of a sudden, the AL West race might legitimately be over before Memorial Day.

16: Kansas City Royals (20-20, +$6) (LW: 15): The Royals have been falling through the cracks in a hurry, and now, they are just a .500 team. Do they have the gumption over the course of the last 122 games of the season to get back in the thick of the fight, or were they just a nice story out of the blocks that is destined to end up getting worse?

17: Tampa Bay Rays (23-23, -$142) (LW: 20): Now THESE are the Rays that we remember. Tampa Bay is one of the best teams in terms of grit in baseball, and it showed it on Saturday when it plated six runs in the ninth off of closer Jim Johnson to steal what should have been a lost game. That might be the 'W' that really gets this team going in the right direction again this year.

18: Washington Nationals (23-21, -$221) (LW: 15): We still really don't understand what in the heck is going on with the Nats right now. They have Bryce Harper on their team, yet they are averaging just 3.52 runs per game, are batting .230 as a club, and rank 28th or worse in virtually every major offensive category. And yet they're still 23-21 and just 2 ½ games back in the NL East race through a quarter of the season. Everyone else should be very afraid of this team as we head into the summer.

19: Seattle Mariners (20-24, -$304) (LW: 18): The M's have proven to be a suitable home team this season, and in spite of the fact that they really don't have the talent to stick around with the best and the brightest from the AL West, they are 11-9 and +$202 this season at Safeco Field. The issues have come on the road, where an ugly 9-15 record is holding Seattle down.

20: Chicago White Sox (19-23, -$389) (LW: 22): Well, at least it's a step in the right direction… The White Sox are now officially at least ahead of the Twins in the AL Central race. Unfortunately for them, that doesn't mean that they are playing anything more than average baseball, because that's all that it has ultimately been when push comes to shove.

21: Chicago Cubs (18-25, -$516) (LW: 21): At least they scored two runs off of Matt Harvey… That's about the only good thing that the Cubs can say about what happened last week. The team alternated wins and losses over the course of its six games against the Rockies and the Mets, and there were some games where they looked really good and some games where they looked like the Cubs.

22: Detroit Tigers (23-19, -$589) (LW: 19): And that's why playing against the Astros isn't always a good idea… Detroit was a -350 favorite earlier this week, the biggest of its kind this season against Houston, and it lost the game 7-5 to drop a whopping $350 worth of profits. Losing three out of four in Arlington didn't help matters any either.

23: Philadelphia Phillies (21-23, -$617) (LW: 24): 1B Ryan Howard is undergoing an MRI on his knee, and that's really bad news for a man that has had all sorts of injury problems over the course of the last few years. For a team that is already playing without C Carlos Ruiz and RHP Roy Halladay, the last thing that it needs is a few more injuries to key players. This fragile of a team could be shook to the core by that.

24: New York Mets (17-24, -$786) (LW: 25): In Matt Harvey we trust. The New York ace has five wins and a 1.55 ERA on the season, and his 0.72 WHIP is better than most can put up in your average video game. He got another win to start this series off against the Cubs at Wrigley Field, and that was a part of a stretch of three out of four wins for the team dating back to Thursday.

25: Milwaukee Brewers (17-25, -$886) (LW: 23): Milwaukee just continues to slide. The team hasn't won back to back games all month long, and it is now just 3-14 over the course of its 17 games played in the month of May. There's a point that we are going to have to see some changes in Beer Country, and they are probably going to have to be pretty drastic.

26: Toronto Blue Jays (17-26, -$1,004) (LW: 26): The Blue Jays had a chance to cut into their deficit in the AL East, but instead of accomplishing that, they only made their situation worse when they were beaten in back to back games by the Yankees this weekend. The season isn't over yet, but considering the fact that everyone in the division is so far ahead of Toronto, it's going to be a long and arduous road back in the right direction.

27: Houston Astros (12-32, -$1,224) (LW: 29): Now here's some funny stuff. The Astros only won two games this week, and they were one of the more profitable American League teams on the week as a result. Of course, going on the road and winning as a +320 underdog helps out a lot, though that's not something that we expect to see all summer long in the Lone Star State.

28: Miami Marlins (12-32, -$1,431) (LW: 27): Is it a coincidence that if you look at what the Marlins and the Astros have done this year, the marks are incredibly similar? Miami is 6-16 at home. Houston is 6-16 at home. Miami is 6-16 on the road. Houston is 6-16 on the road. Both teams have at least $1,200 of losses for the season. Now, the question… if you take the total number of wins this year for both of these teams, are you going to have more or less than the total number of wins that the best team in baseball puts up?

29: Los Angeles Dodgers (17-25, -$1,447) (LW: 28): Oh, to be a private bookie in Los Angeles right now! Save for the Kings, the rest of the teams in Tinseltown have stunk it up of late, and the Dodgers are living proof of that (though the Angels are even worse!). The one bright spot of the week is that RHP Zack Greinke is back in the fold after his broken collarbone that he suffered in that brawl against the Padres at the start of the year, and he looked really good on the mound.

30: Los Angeles Angels (17-27, -$1,584) (LW: 30): Meanwhile, there are no bright spots for the Angels. Yes, they're five games ahead of the Astros in the AL West, so at least they're not the worst team in the game, but they're pushing it, and they aren't taking many steps in the right direction to make us think that matters are going to get better at any point in the near future.