Most starting pitchers that have stayed in their rotations all season long now have nine starts under their belts, so now is the time that we can quantify how they're all doing. This is an article you're definitely going to want to read, as it will go over all of the worst money pitchers on the MLB odds this season.

Seven pitchers in the bigs have managed to lose at least $700 for their bettors this year, and fortunately, one of them has finally been put out for assignment. Phillip Humber was a bona fide disaster this year for the Houston Astros, and after going 0-7 and leading his team to a -$702 mark (not to mention a few of the bad outings he had out of the bullpen that caused him to take another loss), he was sent down to the minors.

Not surprisingly, if we have a member of the Astros, we have a member of the Miami Marlins as well. These two teams do everything in tandem seemingly this year, and they're going to be in the midst of a race to be the most embarrassing team in the bigs. Wade LeBlanc now has the ability to exceed the lousy results that Humber has put up. To his credit, LeBlanc has pitched very well in long relief of late, allowing just six hits and one earned run in six innings of work, but as a starter, his ERA was well above 6.00, and he had yet to guide his team to a win on the campaign.

We won't be talking all that much about David Price in the near future, as he is on the disabled list. He has a 2-7 record this year, which isn't the worst mark in the world, but like so many of the other aces in the game that are struggling this year, the deficits that are being racked up in MLB betting action are numerous. Price is the worst of the bunch at -$824, but he isn't nearly alone. Justin Verlander is -$479, Kris Medlen is -$438, Roy Halladay is -$412, and Stephen Strasburg is -$542.

Josh Beckett was once considered one of those elite pitchers in the game, but over the course of the last several years, he has waned off dramatically and hasn't really been anything to write home about. This year, he has led the Los Angeles Dodgers to just a 1-7 mark, and that -$715 result over the course of these first eight starts has truly been a bona fide disaster. The righty was just put on the DL for a groin strain, but he had allowed 21 runs in his last five starts, none of which lasted longer than six innings.

Jeremy Hefner has the unfortunate distinction of being the only pitcher to not guide his team to a victory over the course of at least eight starts. He hasn't gotten a heck of a lot of help from the New York Mets of late, knowing that the team has only given up a total of 11 runs of support in his last five games combined. A man with a 5.00 ERA in 45.0 frames shouldn't have a good record, but he shouldn't have a winless record either. Hefner has cost Mets bettors $871 this season.

The two worst money pitchers in the game though, both have connections to the Philadelphia Phillies. The second worst is former Philly, Joe Blanton, who is now part of the big problem going on with the Los Angeles Angels. Blanton has guided the Halos to just one win on the season, and he has an 0-7 record and a 6.62 ERA to show for his work. Blanton has allowed 23 hits and 11 runs in his last two starts, which have only lasted a total of nine innings.

It hasn't gotten any worse than Cole Hamels, though. Hamels has lost the Phillies $1,180 in profits, which is as badly as any pitcher has done in baseball over the course of the last several seasons (and we're only a quarter of the way through the campaign!). Hamels is the only pitcher in baseball to have lost to the Marlins twice, and he has been beaten as favorites of -174, -160, and -214 of late. Of those games, Hamels didn't pitch all that terribly, but the bullpen and the lineup haven't done him any favors. All of those games were decided by at least two runs.