Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 6/10/13.

1: Pittsburgh Pirates (37-26, +$1,410) (LW: 1): The Pirates have dropped six out of eight games to fall back in the NL Central just a bit, but they have to be thrilled about the idea of bringing up RHP Gerrit Cole for his first major league start on Tuesday night. If the former No. 1 pick in the 2011 MLB Draft can turn out to be as good as his splits in the minors suggest, Cole might end up being that ace pitcher that this team has so badly craved at the front of the rotation.

2: St. Louis Cardinals (41-22, +$1,262) (LW: 2): The Cards went into the Great American Ball Park and won two out of three games against the hated Reds to extend their lead in the NL Central. Of course, it helps when you can roll off seven runs in the 10th inning of game as St. Louis did on Sunday. OF Carlos Beltran is on a 10-game hitting streak in which he is batting .362 with 13 RBIs.

3: Atlanta Braves (39-24, +$1,104) (LW: 4): The Braves have won seven of their last nine games, and they are almost quietly 7.5-games up in the NL East at the moment. Sweeping three at home against the Pirates was huge, but the offense has struggled against the Dodgers. There were only a total of three runs scored in the first three games of that series before the squad exploded for eight on Sunday.

4: Oakland Athletics (38-27, +$1,098) (LW: 3): It was only a matter of time until Oakland cooled off just a little bit. There's no shame in splitting a four-game set with the White Sox in Chicago, and now, it's back to the comfort of Oakland, where the team has a crucial set against a potential Wild Card rival in the Yankees.

5: New York Yankees (37-26, +$782) (LW: 11): The Yankees are back on track, and one of the men that they can thank is LHP Andy Pettitte. Pettitte won his 250th career game on Saturday, and that's a milestone that we aren't going to see reached all that often in the bigs any longer with the advent of the five-man rotation and the limited innings count that goes on so many youngsters. It's a milestone that was glossed over for the most part, but it is one that should be celebrated.

6: Boston Red Sox (39-25, +$678) (LW: 10): Every time the Yankees go on a bit of a run, the Red Sox seem to be right there with them. Boston is on the verge of becoming the first AL team to reach 40 wins this year, and it is in great shape to do so this week on the road against the O's and the Rays after winning series against both the Angels and the Rangers this past week.

7: Baltimore Orioles (35-28, +$672) (LW: 7): You know you're awesome when you garner the nickname of "Crush." 1B Chris Davis has 20 homers on the season, but ever since ESPN ran the story on him and his newly acquired nickname, he is hitless in three games with six strikeouts. Not surprisingly, in two of those three games, Baltimore failed to score more than a run.

8: Arizona Diamondbacks (35-28, +$669) (LW: 9): It was a fairly ho-hum week for the Diamondbacks. LHP Patrick Corbin led the team to another win (big surprise there, eh?), and the rest of the squad was suspect aside from him. It really makes us wonder how Arizona is going to fare when the time comes that Corbin slows down a tad.

9: Texas Rangers (37-25, +$646) (LW: 9): It was a rough week to be in the Texas bullpen. At the outset of the week, the team allowed 17 runs against the Red Sox, and on Saturday night, it lost a game in 18 innings against the Blue Jays. The A's are continuing to inch closer in the AL West, and they just might catch the Rangers this week.

10: Cincinnati Reds (37-26, +$475) (LW: 5): You just get the feeling that the Reds aren't going to be running down the Cardinals any time in the near future. They had every chance to cut into the lead in the NL Central this week, but the pitching staff really led them down. Over the course of the last four games, Cincinnati pitching has allowed a total of 34 runs, including at least nine in three of the four games.

11: Colorado Rockies (34-30, +$309) (LW: 13): It's good to be OF Carlos Gonzalez right now. Car Go blasted three homers against the Reds, had two triples against the Padres, and had three games with at least three RBIs this week. Not so bad to be SS Troy Tulowitzki either. He has 11 hits, two doubles, and three homers in his last six games as well.

12: Minnesota Twins (27-33, +$209) (LW: 12): The Twins were getting really close to .500 before going on the road to Kansas City and Washington this week. They were beaten in two out of three in both series, and at this point, .500 seems like a bit of a pipe dream, especially knowing that the pitching staff has still only mustered 22 quality starts on the season, easily the lowest mark in the game.

13: Cleveland Indians (30-32, +$177) (LW: 8): An 0-5 week was a killer for the Indians. They've now lost seven in a row, and any hopes that they had of sticking around in the playoff race into July was probably hammered in a losing streak in which the team averaged allowing 6.43 runs per game. The Tribe have a 4.46 team ERA this year, ranking just 27th in the game.

14: San Diego Padres (29-34, +$86) (LW: 16): The Padres put together some of their best offensive production of the season this past week. They have scored at least six runs in six out of seven games. Unfortunately for them, they have averaged allowing 6.0 runs per game in that stretch as well, and the team is just 3-3 in those outings.

15: Tampa Bay Rays (34-28, +$63) (LW: 14): The Rays looked like they had everything going over the course of the first two games of their series against the Orioles over the weekend, winning the two games by the combined score of 10-1. However, LHP Matt Moore imploded on Sunday, allowing nine runs in just five innings of work to watch his ERA balloon up to 3.78. Moore has now allowed 15 runs in his last two starts, which have only lasted a total of seven innings.

16: San Francisco Giants (33-29, +$37) (LW: 17): The Giants entered this weekend's series against the Diamondbacks at just 10-17 on the road. They did take two out of three in that series, but the hard work is just beginning. This week, the second place team in the NL West has to travel out to Atlanta and Pittsburgh, two of the toughest places to travel to in the National League. Getting three wins in six games feels like it would be an accomplishment.

17: Houston Astros (22-42, -$386) (LW: 15): And these are the Astros that we all remember… They lost their last four games of the week, but this time, it was the offense that was failing them, not the pitching and defense. Houston mustered a total of five runs in the four losses, which ended that remarkable six-game winning streak on the road at the end of May and beginning of June.

18: Detroit Tigers (35-26, -$395) (LW: 23): Of all the great pitchers on the Detroit staff, it is RHP Anibal Sanchez that is truly pitching the best of the bunch at the moment. He has some shoulder trouble at the moment, but he threw seven innings and allowed just one run against the Rays to kick off last week on Tuesday in a winning effort.

19: Kansas City Royals (28-32, -$571) (LW: 24): The cure for what ails ya: A six-game set against the Astros and the Twins at home! Not surprisingly, in spite of the fact that they were coming off of their longest home losing streak in franchise history, the Royals won five of the six games, and they have now gone eight straight games holding teams down to three runs or fewer.

20: Washington Nationals (31-31, -$601) (LW: 18): The Nationals are going to be tested on the road in a big time way this week. They have to travel to Colorado and then Cleveland, and for a team that only just made it back to .500 after sweeping a doubleheader on Sunday against Minnesota, that's going to be a tough task. The Nats are only 13-18 on the road thus far this season, and they're going to be cutting and pasting a rotation together with both RHP Ross Detwiler and RHP Stephen Strasburg on the DL.

21: Philadelphia Phillies (31-33, -$611) (LW: 19): The Phillies looked like they were about set to go on a tear after taking all four games from the Marlins to start off the week. Alas, those were just games against the Marlins though, and Philly is still struggling just to stay near the .500 mark. Losing three out of four to the Brew Crew really hurt a team that feels as though it should really still be in the race.

22: Chicago White Sox (27-34, -$636) (LW: 21): Since the White Sox were rather boring and average this past week, we'll take the opportunity to muse on 1B Adam Dunn. He has 34 hits this season, 14 of which have been home runs. He has 26 walks (low for him) and 57 strikeouts. That leaves him on a pace to end up with a .165 batting average with a disproportionate OPS of .662 and 215 strikeouts, but hey, he's also on a pace for 38 bombs and 88 RBIs. Typical Adam Dunn.

23: Chicago Cubs (25-35, -$730) (LW: 20): We're glad to see that RHP Carlos Marmol is becoming so accepting to being a middle reliever instead of a closer. He has allowed five runs in his last 3.1 innings of work, and though he does have six strikeouts in that stretch, he has six walks as well. Chicago only just managed a 4-1 win thanks in part to Marmol shutting the door in the eighth inning on Sunday.

24: Toronto Blue Jays (27-35, -$888) (LW: 25): The Blue Jays have won some truly stunning games this season, but none were more stunning than the 18-inning thriller against the Rangers on Saturday. That marked their third win in a row, but in typical Toronto fashion, the team couldn't finish the sweep on Sunday, losing 6-4 to Texas. Now, an 11-18 road record will be put to the test against the White Sox and then against these very same Rangers this week.

25: Seattle Mariners (27-37, -$994) (LW: 22): The Mariners are actually eighth in baseball in total home runs this year, as they have 71 bombs through 64 games. Unfortunately, this is a team that is only living and dying by the long ball. Seattle had three more games this week with just one run scored, and that gives it eight games in the last four weeks with no more than one run scored.

26: Milwaukee Brewers (25-37, -$1,461) (LW: 28): The Brewers pulled off quite the interesting feat on Sunday. They scored nine runs and not a single player on the team had more than one hit. Only a total of 11 runners reached base on the day for Milwaukee, and it saved all of its hits for when it needed them the most. Still, it's a small victory for a team that doesn't have a heck of a lot to be happy about at this point.

27: New York Mets (23-35, -$1,463) (LW: 26): Not a good last several days for the Mets… They have now lost five straight games to the MARLINS for crying out loud! Since that four-game sweep of the Yankees, New York has gone 1-6, and five of those losses, yes, came to the lowly Fins. That 20-inning loss was a disaster for the Mets, as they also lost their pride and joy, RHP Matt Harvey to a minor back injury.

28: Los Angeles Dodgers (27-35, -$1,603) (LW: 27): Call him the Legend of OF Yasel Puig. Not a bad debut for your new team, eh? The Cuban superstar was called up to the bigs and played his first game last Monday. On the week, he batted .464 with four homers and 10 RBIs. The rest of the LA lineup though, only knocked in 12 runs for the whole week.

29: Miami Marlins (18-44, -$1,674) (LW: 29): The Marlins are 8-3 and +$880 against the Mets this season. They're 10-41 and -$2,554 against the rest of baseball. The bad news? The Mets aren't on the schedule again until July 29th. Not that we think things could possibly be this bad for Miami, but think of it this way. If those two winning percentages hold up for the rest of the year, the Fish will finish 13-5 against New York and 28-116 against everyone else in the game.

30: Los Angeles Angels (27-36, -$1,978) (LW: 30): There hasn't been a team reach the -$2,000 mark for more than two consecutive days at any point this season (though the Marlins have tried hard to get there), but the Halos might do it this week. They have three games against the Orioles and three against the Yankees, and after going 2-7 in their last nine games (including four losses to HOUSTON, of all teams), wins are definitively going to be few and far between.