As we get into the "Dog Days Of Summer", we are getting to the point where the real contenders in baseball are beginning to appear. Bye bye Royals, hello Oakland. Sorry you have to go Cleveland. In addition, we are beginning to get an idea of what players are truly making a name for themselves this year. While it shock's no one to see that Miguel Cabrera is making another "Triple Crown Campaign", it is shocking to see that Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles is making one himself. Davis is currently first in home runs and second in average and runs batted in. Okay, he is far behind in average and runs batted in, but if Cabrera ever comes back down to earth, Davis may be a name to look out for.

Speaking of Triple Crown threats, Troy Tulowitski is quietly mounting a challenge in National League. He is within striking distance of the lead in all-three major categories, and is keeping the Rockies in the National League West race.

Sure, you can have a debate whether Josh Hamilton or Albert Poujols have worse contracts, but you have to give an edge to Hamilton when it comes to who is having a worse year. Yes, a .212 average is terrible, but what is truly disturbing is the fact that he only has 18 RBI's. That is 7th on the team, behind catcher Chris Iannetta. The Angels look like a team that is dangerous to bet on, even when they are playing the worst teams in the West......which is a shame considering the kind of seasons that Howie Kendrick and Mike Trout are putting up. Kendrick is currently hitting .322, which Trout is hitting .305, with 45 runs scored. While Trout is not going to put up the numbers that he did last year, he does continue to be one of the best all around players in the game.

June can be a dangerous time to bet on teams, especially if you are merely going by record. This is the time of the year where some team begin to wake up and put together mid to late season runs. Teams to look out for include Tampa Bay, Washington, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and, yes, Milwaukee (even if they lose Bauer). On the other hand, be careful with teams like Arizona, Cleveland and even Boston, who is seeming to overachieve a bit.