Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 6/24/13.

1: Pittsburgh Pirates (46-30, +$2,179) (LW: 1): The Pirates are the first team in the bigs to reach the +$2,000 mark this season, and there is no reason to think that this success isn't going to continue. If this road trip in Seattle finishes out strong, the Bucs are going to have clearly sailing with a ton of home games coming up, and at PNC Park, the team is 25-13 this year.

2: Baltimore Orioles (42-34, +$883) (LW: 4): It's hard to blame the O's for running into the buzz saw known as the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend. Winning two out of three at Comerica Park was a far better and more rewarding result for bettors, and that's what we have come to expect out of Baltimore, even in the crowded AL East over the course of the last season and a half.

3: Oakland Athletics (44-34, +$870) (LW: 2): The A's remain just a game back of the Rangers for the lead in the AL West, but they have a real problem this year that they have to address. They're only 22-22 on the road this year, and that's what really killed them last week. It also doesn't help that the team, which has historically had a great ERA all season long, has allowed at least six runs in four of its last seven games.

4: St. Louis Cardinals (47-29, +$738) (LW: 3): Something definitely isn't right at the moment for the Cardinals, and we think that it is going to come back to bite them in the backside at some point in the crowded NL Central. The team has lost $624 over the course of its last 12 games, and that includes losing at -186 and -176 against the Rangers, -210 against the Cubs, -183 to the Mets, and perhaps the biggest sin of all, losing two out of three against the Marlins.

5: San Diego Padres (38-38, +$624) (LW: 6): Believe it or not, the Padres, in spite of the fact that they have virtually no stars whatsoever on their team, are 38-38 through their first 76 games of the season. They are only batting .248 as a team with an OPS of .703, which would be all fine and dandy if the pitching staff didn't have a 4.10 team ERA while pitching in one of the most pitcher-friendly parks in the game. The Pads seem destined to fall, but they haven't at this point.

6: Arizona Diamondbacks (41-34, +$619) (LW: 9): The D'Backs did their job at home and won four out of six against the Marlins and the Reds, but they have a tough go of it now on the road this week. They are only 20-18 away from Chase Field this year, but this road trip to the NL East is particularly tough. With just a three-game lead in the NL West and just 3.5 games separating first and fourth, Arizona could be in some trouble by the time it gets back home.

7: Cleveland Indians (38-36, +$618) (LW: 10): It really looked like Cleveland was going to pack it in for the year when it 16-of-19 from the end of May through the middle of June. However, the team is 8-3 since that point, and it is right back in the thick of the fight in the AL Central. Of course, the road woes haven't stopped for this team yet, and this is going to be the first time this week that the Indians have to hit the road since getting back to their winning ways.

8: Minnesota Twins (34-38, +$522) (LW: 12): We aren't sure how in the heck bettors are still making money off of the Twinkies this year, as they are only playing .472 baseball, putting them on a clip for just 76.5 wins. Still, with two against the Marlins and four against the Royals, there's a good chance that the team could be right at .500 with the Yankees coming to town to start off July.

9: Boston Red Sox (45-33, +$505) (LW: 8): The ugliness of the Boston pitching staff reared its ugly head this week, as the team allowed a whopping 23 runs in three days at Comerica Park against the Tigers. Boston has a 1.36 team WHIP, ranking just 26th in the game, and that number would be well above 1.40 if you took Clay Buchholz out of the equation. Buchholz has arguably been the best pitcher in baseball this year.

10: Cincinnati Reds (45-32, +$377) (LW: 7): Joey Votto is batting .326. Jay Bruce has 18 home runs. Brandon Phillips has 60 RBIs. With all of that going on in the middle of the Cincinnati lineup, why in the heck is this team only batting .249 and averaging 4.47runs per game? The Reds are good, but they aren't as good as the Pirates or the Cards right now in the NL Central, and that might ultimately cost them a spot in the playoffs.

11: New York Yankees (41-34, +$348) (LW: 11): Only splitting six games against the Rays and the Dodgers really wasn't good enough for the Yankees. This is another one of these teams that just isn't hitting the baseball at the moment, and averaging 3.91 runs per game is simply not very Yankee-esque from what we have been accustomed to seeing over the course of the last two decades.

12: Texas Rangers (44-32, +$328) (LW: 17): Last week, we said that the Rangers really needed to pick it up if they are going to stay in front of the AL West, and that's exactly what they did. Toronto notwithstanding, they had the best week of any team in the American League, winning their last five games, all of which came as underdogs. The $638 in profits in those five games though, is the best in the bigs in that stretch.

13: Atlanta Braves (44-33, +$326) (LW: 5): Losing three out of five to the Mets at home was a shocking result for the Braves last week. Getting shut out in back to back games by the Brewers of all teams, was a shocking in and of itself as well. However, it isn't the end of the world for an Atlanta team that is still really the only viable postseason candidate at this point in the NL East.

14: Toronto Blue Jays (38-36, +$320) (LW: 18): There has been no run this year in baseball like the run that the Blue Jays have been on. They have won 11 in a row, and they are right back in the thick of the fight in the AL East as a result after having been written off by many just as recently as two weeks ago and as early as the beginning of May. Toronto has over 13 units of profits in that time for MLB bettors, including finding a way to win three times with Chien-Ming Wang on the bump.

15: Colorado Rockies (39-38, -$112) (LW: 13): We knew that the Rockies were going to have some problems without Troy Tulowitzki in the fold, and those problems are really starting to rear their ugly heads. They did score seven runs in games on Saturday and Sunday against the Nationals, but in the five games prior, they had only netted a total of seven runs and lost all five games. There's a real chance that this week might be the last time this year that we talk about Colorado being an above-.500 team.

16: Houston Astros (29-48, -$120) (LW: 14): The Astros have been favored in exactly one game this entire season, and that one game came last week with Bud Norris on the mound against the White Sox. That game was lost, but it wasn't the end of the world for Houston bettors. The team has alternated wins and losses for the last nine games, and that's a good thing when you're betting on this club consistently at +150 or better.

17: Kansas City Royals (35-38, -$381) (LW: 15): James Shields allowed four runs in five innings on Sunday against the White Sox, and he has now gone 10 straight starts without getting a win. Ironically, his only win against an American League team this year came against the team that traded him, as he beat the Rays that day, way back on April 30th. The Royals haven't nearly as good without their ace getting wins, though they have gotten good starts out of him for the most part time and time again.

18: San Francisco Giants (38-37, -$456) (LW: 16): Shame on the Giants! They lost three out of four to the Marlins at home, which was devastating in a series in which they had a real opportunity to close ground on the D'Backs atop the NL West. Now, it's off on the road for the next 10 games, where San Fran is just 14-22 this season. This could get really ugly in the Bay Area.

19: Tampa Bay Rays (39-37, -$532) (LW: 19): What in the heck have the Rays done wrong over the course of the last few weeks? They really haven't had a great surge at any point this season, but they haven't had many swoons of note either. In the end, being two-games above .500 and on a pace for 83 wins is only good enough to be dead last in the AL East, albeit just five games back of the first place Red Sox.

20: Detroit Tigers (42-32, -$589) (LW: 20): Someone is going to need to get in the head of Jose Valverde, and fast. Valverde started off the year without getting a contract, and he worked his way up from AAA back into the Detroit bullpen. He was installed as the closer once again, and all of a sudden, he can't figure out how to get anyone out. Over the course of his last seven outings, Valverde is 0-1 with three saves, two blown saves, and a laughable 12.91 ERA.

21: Washington Nationals (37-38, -$682) (LW: 21): The Nationals had a chance this past week to get over the hump and score some wins and get back within striking distance of the Braves. Unfortunately from their standpoint, they just weren't good enough to get the job done, falling a game below .500. Will this team ever really turn it around and prove to be the contender that it was supposed to be for the World Series? There is still plenty of season with which to do it, but that fire doesn't really look like it is going to be there at any point.

22: Seattle Mariners (34-43, -$728) (LW: 22): The M's had lost five out of six before taking the final two games of their series this weekend against Oakland. They aren't going to contend for a spot in the playoffs this year, but they are continuing to build their young arms up for the future. There are still far too many batters that are needed to make this team legit, though. The Rangers have more resources. The A's are better built for the future. The Angels have all the money in the world. And the Astros are building one of the best farm systems in the game. The future might not be bright in Seattle either.

23: Chicago Cubs (31-43, -$838) (LW: 23): The Cubs had some real problems offensively last week, scoring just 17 runs in seven games. However, on Sunday, they exploded for 14 runs, including posting three innings with at least three runs scored. That's the type of baseball that it'll take to stay at least remotely competitive in the NL Central… Too bad that game came against the Astros, though.

24: Philadelphia Phillies (36-40, -$889) (LW: 24): A rather ho hum week for a Philly team that is slowly starting to fade out of the picture. Save for Domonic Brown, there isn't a heck of a lot to like about what the Phillies are doing offensively, and for a team that was supposed to have a ton of stars in its starting rotation, a 4.26 team ERA isn't very stellar either. Take out Cliff Lee and Jonathan Papelbon and this team has been a mess.

25: Chicago White Sox (31-42, -$1,171) (LW: 25): Over the course of the last two weeks, the White Sox have done the following: They've lost to Chien-Ming Wang. They've lost three straight games to the Astros. They've lost three straight games to the Twins. Yikes. And you want to know why the team is on the ropes? It's amazing that heads haven't started rolling yet in the South Side of the Windy City after a stretch of two weeks like that.

26: New York Mets (30-42, -$1,227) (LW: 28): Matt Harvey might not be undefeated any longer, but he is still the talk of the town. He has a 2.05 ERA and 121 strikeouts in 110 innings of work. There's just one fundamental problem that the team has. It stinks. It's not even the 230 or so innings that Harvey is on pace to throw this year that is so bothersome, it's that New York seems content to let him do that night in and night out on a team that isn't going to win 80 games this year. Harvey did only throw 72 pitches on Sunday in an 8-0 easy win over the Phils.

27: Miami Marlins (25-50, -$1,270) (LW: 27): The Marlins had only won series against the Mets this year before welcoming in the Cardinals, of all teams, to Marlins Park two weekends ago. Not only was that series won, but so was a shocking series at AT&T Park against the Giants. Miami now has its first three-out-of-four series victory on the road of the season, and it might be the only one of its kind all year long.

28: Milwaukee Brewers (31-430, -$1,404) (LW: 26): It's not often that you see the Brewers post shutouts, and it's definitely not all that often that you see them do it in successive games, especially against the best teams in the National League. However, Milwaukee pulled it off against the Braves this past weekend, taking matching 2-0 results on Friday and Saturday, marking the third time in the last eight days that the team has shut out a team with at least 40 wins on the season.

29: Los Angeles Dodgers (32-42, -$1,861) (LW: 29): How in the heck Yasiel Puig is still batting .425 with 12 RBIs, 13 runs scored, and six homers in just 19 games played on a team that is underachieving massively and can't hit the ball anywhere else in the lineup is beyond us. However, at least LA can take some solace in the fact that it might not be the worst team in its own city, not to mention the fact that the Blue Jays, a very similar club, have rolled off 11 straight wins to get back in the thick of the fight. At least the NL West is still there for the taking.

30: Los Angeles Angels (33-43, -$2,382) (LW: 30): The Angels were favored in all three of their games at home against the Pirates over the weekend, and we aren't quite sure why. In fact, they were at least -160 favorites in six of these last 10 games at home, and until the oddsmakers learn that this is a team that just isn't all that good, there is no choice in the world but to fade the heck out of them. Perhaps the Halos turn this around at some point, but a road trip to Detroit isn't the way to start.