The All-Star Break is sneaking up on us, and the month of July is right here! The dog days of summer are still ahead, and that really separates the haves and the have nots, especially when teams have to go on these long, week and a half long road trips. Check out the teams that have done the worst job this year in the bigs on the road and which ones are turning the biggest losses for you on the MLB odds in 2013.

(Road record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Atlanta Braves (29-11, +$1,246) - The Braves have won 29 of their first 40 games this year at home, and they are going to probably run that record to 31-11 with the Marlins in town over the course of Wednesday and Thursday. Atlanta has been tearing it up at home this season offensively, averaging 5.04 runs per nine innings and batting .252 as a team. OF Justin Upton has 15 home runs on the season, and not surprisingly, he is really lighting things up at Turner Field. Upton has seven hits in these last four home games, scoring six runs in the process. The Braves have gotten into the double digits in runs in two of their last three games.

Pittsburgh Pirates (28-14, +$1,242) - Break up the Pirates! They have the best record in baseball, and they were the first team in the bigs to get to 50 wins this year. Pittsburgh rolled off a nine-game winning streak to end the month of June, and it only allowed more than four runs once in that stretch. The team swept the Brewers in an emphatic series to close out that winning streak, and only five runs were scored against it in this series. The Bucs are eventually going to need to put together some more runs at home, as this team is not going to have a 3.12 ERA for the rest of the season in all likelihood. However, this team is absolutely one of the best in the bigs, and it is not just going to be a team that gets to 82 wins, but one that could contend for the World Series.

Oakland Athletics (27-13, +$1,132) - The Athletics have won 27 of their first 40 games at home this season, and this is the only reason that they are sticking around with the Rangers atop the AL West. The team scored three runs in the eighth inning to take down the Cubs on Tuesday night, and that's the type of win that Oakland has been getting all season long. The offense has been particularly good over the course of this home stand, scoring an average of 5.67 runs per game. The A's are good for 4.71 runs per game this year, something that you don't figure to see out of a "Moneyball" team that has built itself on pitching and defense for the most part over the course of the last 20 years or so.

San Diego (25-18, +$809) - Of all of the teams that are on this list… The Padres? Alas, San Diego is still hanging in there in the NL West, just three games off of the pace, and the argument could be made that it is should be a buyer instead of a seller. Granted, the last time that the Padres tried this out by buying at the deadline, it cost the team dearly for the next few years. This is a vulnerable time for the Pads, but if they decide that they want to go for it, they might have the ability to get the job done, especially if they keep up at this 25-18 pace at Petco Park over the course of the rest of the season.

Cleveland Indians (24-15, +$765) - We give Cleveland a heck of a lot of credit for not just hanging in there in the AL Central, but taking the lead in the division as well. We're interested to see how the team comes home after the Fourth of July against the Tigers. That's the biggest series of the season to date for the Tribe, and after winning four straight games in three days against the White Sox and starting off the series well against the Royals, the opportunity is there to really open up a lead in the division going into the All-Star Break. Getting to the break on level terms could make Cleveland a buyer at the trade deadline as well.