We're officially at the halfway point of the season, and the All-Star Break is right around the corner! This is an article you're definitely going to want to read, as it will go over all of the best money pitchers on the MLB odds this season.

Many of the names that you would figure to see on this list haven't changed over the course of the last two weeks. The man that is still leading the way in the National League and all of baseball for profits for MLB betting fans is Patrick Corbin. Corbin did lose to the New York Mets back on July 4th, but that was also his only truly lousy outing in quite some time. The response the very next game? Corbin came out and struck 10, allowing three hits and one run over eight innings in a 'W' over the Colorado Rockies. The issue that Corbin has is that he is allowing too many home runs. Most have been of the solo variety, so they aren't proving to be damning, but the fact that he has let a ball leave the building in five straight starts after allowing a total of just four homers in his first 13 starts is a bit concerning. For the season, Corbin has netted $1,345 of profits, easily the best mark in the game.

In fact, there are only two other starters who have led their teams to at least $1,000 of profits on the season. Washington's Jordan Zimmerman has guided the Nats to a 15-3 record in his 18 starts, and he is +$1,167 on the season, and Jeanmar Gomez remains 8-0 and +$1,024 for the Pirates. Gomez appears as though he has been shifted to the bullpen, as he has only made one appearance since June 26th, and that was as a reliever, but there is no such luck for those hoping to avoid Zimmerman. The righty has already eaten 126 innings this season, and though his strikeout numbers are down and he has allowed at least three runs in three of his last five starts, he still has a 12-3 record and a 2.57 ERA.

We haven't seen Clay Buchholz pitch in over a month for the Red Sox, but he still is the top earning pitcher in the American League at 11-1 and +$942. The next man in line though is Max Scherzer, who is the first pitcher since 1986 to start a season at 13-0. Scherzer has led the Tigers to wins in seven straight games, and he has posted a quality start in 10 outings in a row. His 146 strikeouts are out of this world, and there is at least a plausible chance that he could win the pitching Triple Crown this season. Detroit is +$920 this season in games in which Scherzer has pitched.

Bartolo Colon continues to do the job for the A's, as he has guided the team to a 14-4 mark with $913 in profits. Matt Moore is the more interesting study, though. He has helped take Tampa Bay to a 14-4 record with $841 in profits, and he is 12-3 on the year. However, Moore isn't an All-Star this year for some inexplicable reason. He has thrown 13.1 innings in his last two starts and has only allowed seven hits without giving up a run. Moore strikes out a ton of batters, fanning 98 in 100 innings of work, but his innings count is low thanks to the fact that he already has a whopping 53 walks on the season.

The next two men in line have been rocks for their teams this year. The Orioles wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the AL East if not for the efforts of Chris Tillman, who is 13-5 and +$830 this season, while Cleveland has been picked up by a surging Ubaldo Jimenez, who is 11-6 and +$769.

The only other man in the game with more than $700 of profits coming into play on Tuesday is an interesting study. Dallas Keuchel isn't the type of man that you wouldn't figure to see on this list of the Top 10 money pitchers in the game. In 11 starts, he is only 6-5 for the team, and he is only 4-5 with a 4.59 ERA on the season. Keuchel hasn't been atrocious, but he hasn't been Top 10 by any standards. So how is he netting $710 in profit for the Astros this season? Look no further than his most recent start against the Rangers. Keuchel was up against Yu Darvish in Arlington, and he threw five innings and allowed two runs. That was good enough to lead the team to a win at +288, and that's the type of game that boosts your bankroll in a hurry. In fact, Keuchel has already won as underdogs of +314 against Detroit, +288 against Texas, and +207 against the Halos, all of which have come on the road. He won't stay as one of the top money pitchers in the game in all likelihood, but if Keuchel can find a way to win a big time game like that every few starts, he might ultimately be able to pull it off.