The All-Star break is upon us, and here at Bang The Book, we're going to be focusing in on how some of the best teams in the league did on the road in the first half of the season.

(Road record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Pittsburgh Pirates (24-19, +$1,188) - The Pirates did a little bit of slacking off on the road last week when they were beaten in two out of three against the Cubs, but it's going to happen from time to time. The team has actually slowed down just a bit, losing three series in a row, and the All-Star break really couldn't be any better timed after this weekend series with the Mets. From there though, it's back on the road to Cincinnati, Washington, and Miami, and that's the stretch of baseball this year that is either going to ultimately either make or break the Pirates. The grumblings are already starting that this team is getting ready for its annual epic collapse, and the hope in the Steel City is that things turn around a little differently this year.

St. Louis Cardinals (28-18, +$769) - No team in baseball has more wins on the road than do the Cardinals, and they are going to be fortunate for the rest of the year, knowing that they have several more home games to play than they do road games. The last we saw of the Cards on the road though, we definitely weren't impressed. They only went 3-5 in eight games against AL West teams on the West Coast, and they dropped $273 in profits in doing so. In fact, St. Louis has now gone four straight series on the road with a split or worse, and all four of those series resulted in monetary losses, including going just 2-3 in games against the Astros and the Marlins. Ouch.

Texas Rangers (26-18, +$673) - You don't typically look at the Rangers and think of them as an outfit that would play better on the road than at home, but that has been the case this season. Texas has lost far too many games to teams like Houston at home this year, but on the road, the damage hasn't been bad for the most part, and there have been enough good series like this current series in Baltimore to turn some big time profits. The Rangers have actually won eight of their last nine on the road, and those wins came against the Blue Jays, Cardinals, Yankees, and Orioles, and that's about as impressive of a stretch of games as you're going to see in the bigs at this point. The team has scored at least six runs in five of those nine games, and that's why Texas is coming through in a big time way.

New York Mets (22-21, +$624) - When you look at the first three teams on this list, you can't possibly be surprised. But the Mets? The 23rd best money team in the game? It's proof of just how bad New York has been while playing at Citi Field this year, but it's also a testament to the fact that this pitching staff is a lot better than most would figure. The Mets just went to the West Coast and took care of the Giants for the first two games of that series, and when you look back at what has gone on of late, you'll see a series win against the Brewers, a one-game win against the Rockies, a split with the White Sox, two out of three from the Phillies, and three out of five from the Braves. All things considered, especially for a club that is routinely +130 or greater on the road, especially when RHP Matt Harvey isn't pitching, that's pretty darn good baseball.

Boston Red Sox (24-21, +$444) - The Red Sox really did their damage this year at Fenway Park ,but they have held their own on the road and won the games which they were supposed to be winning for the most part. This West Coast trip has been an interesting one from the pitching staff, as over the course of the last 29 innings of play out there, the staff has allowed 28 runs. Of course, if you're a Boston fan, you hope that doesn't continue. However, you have to be impressed with this stat: Boston is batting .270 against right-handed pitching on the road, and it is averaging 5.52 runs per nine innings in those games. That's why the Red Sox are above .500 away from Fenway Park this year and why they are on their way to the playoffs if they can keep this up for the rest of the campaign.