When baseball bettors get together on Monday night, there will be many names on everyone's lips, and it clearly won't be about team glory, but who can muscle more horsehides out of the park than anybody else. It is time for one of the most popular events in any baseball season, which is the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game.
This event will take place at Citi Field in Queens, which is home to the New York Mets, and is scheduled to take place at 8 PM ET, to be televised by ESPN.
Here are the odds to win the Home Run Derby, as they have been posted for tonight at BetAnySports:
All-Star Home Run Derby 
Monday, July 15 - 8 PM ET
Citi Field, Flushing, NY
Chris Davis  +325
Prince Fielder  +335
Bryce Harper  +525
Robinson Cano  +620
Yoenis Cespedes  +665
Pedro Alvarez  +665
David Wright  +1025
Michael Cuddyer  +1525
If there is one player who is the reigning "star" of home run derby activity, it's Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers, who has won the event twice. In 2009 he triumphed in St. Louis, and then he won last year's event which was held in Kansas City. So he's huge in Missouri. He's had just 16 homers this season, which places him in the shadow of teammate Miguel Cabrera. Can he get it done in the Big Apple? Well, the price on him in the baseball betting odds at BetAnySports is +335, which makes him the second favorite.
Unfortunately for the American League,. Cabrera, who has a possibility of winning a second straight Triple Crown, is not going to be available to the AL team because of a back problem. Otherwise Robinson Cano, the captain of the AL team, would have selected him. But just because he is not going to be in the Derby does not mean he is going to be out of the All-Star festivities altogether. He will start at third base and he will play more than three innings, as Jim Leyland, who is his manager in Detroit, will also be the manager for the American League.
Yoenis Cespedes (+665 at BetAnySports) of the Oakland A's will be the guy who gets the nod in Cabrera's stead. Cespedes is a bit of a step down in the power department, having hit only 15 home runs this season,, and he will be the only right-handed hitter in the American League lineup, which would mean sometimes, one supposes, if there was a left-handed batting practice pitcher. And he also represents a first, in that he is not part of the All-Star team. Entrants like that are being allowed now, a la the NBA All-Star activities, and that is Cespedes' ticket in.
The guy who will attract the most attention could be Chris Davis, who is a newcomer to the All-Star Game but is clearly the AL home run king at the moment. Davis, who has always been known for power but perhaps more prominently for striking out, has 37 homers at the break, which will put him on a pace to hit 62 this season. And so there is perhaps no surprise that Davis is the baseball betting favorite to win this event, checking in at +325 in the odds at BetAnySports.
One player who is a definite fan favorite, and who will be a factor here, even though he has missed significant time this season, is 20-year-old Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals. Harper, last year's National League rookie of the year, got off to a good start this season but has not come back strong wince he got off the disabled list for his bursitis problem (left knee). He is at +525 at BetAnySports to win this event, which places him at shorter odds than Cano, but one has to be a bit skeptical of his chances to walk away the winner. Coming into this evening, he has not hit a home run in 63 straight plate appearances, although hitting the kind of pitching that will be fed to him tonight will be a bit more appetizing.
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