The All-Star break is said and done with, and the boys of summer are going to be back in the saddle for what should be a great month of July. This is an article you're definitely going to want to read, as it will go over all of the worst money pitchers on the MLB odds this season.

Some of the names at the bottom of the list of the worst money pitchers in the game aren't going to be there for much longer if they keep pitching the way that they have been. The two names that come to mind are two of the best young aces in the game, Stephen Strasburg and David Price.

Strasburg probably ended up missing out on the All-Star Game in part due to the fact that he closed out the first half of the season in suspect form. The righty allowed 11 runs in his last eight innings of work, and he had the worst start of his career against the Miami Marlins in his last start before the season's intermission. Still, in spite of that ugly 5-7 personal record and 7-11, -$926 mark, there is no doubting that Strasburg has been good this season. He has a 2.99 ERA and 109 strikeouts in 108.1 innings of work, and if he keeps that up, he and the Nats should be rolling back into contention in the NL East.

Price is an even more interesting story. The damage was done with this lefty at the beginning of the season before he went on the disabled list. He is still only 4-8 and down $944 on the season, making him the 252nd ranked pitcher of the 255 that have started a game this year from a profit and loss standpoint. However, there probably hasn't been a better pitcher in the game in the last three starts than what we have seen out of Tampa Bay's top lefty. Price has pitched a whopping 25 innings in his last three starts, and he has thrown less than 100 pitches in each of those outings. He is being incredibly efficient and hasn't walked a better since coming off of the DL. Price has allowed just three runs in those three starts, and he is well on his way to getting the Rays back into a position where they can win the AL East.

As far as the other three pitchers at the bottom of this list go… The story isn't nearly as friendly.

The Nationals not only have Strasburg on this dubious list of the worst money pitchers in the game, but they also have Dan Haren as well. Haren has been questionable all season long, going 4-10 with a 5.61 ERA, but in his first two starts off of the disabled list, he looks a lot more like the Dan Haren that we all remember. Batters have only managed 10 hits and four walks in 11 innings off of Haren, and he has only surrendered a total of two runs in the process. Then again, the competition is going to get a heck of a lot more difficult than the Marlins and the Philadelphia Phillies in the near future as well. Haren has led his team to 10 straight losses, easily the worst mark in the league, and he is now just 4-13 and down $1,056 for the Nats in 2013.

The last two men on our list are the two that we have been mentioning all season long. The big picture just isn't getting any better for Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton. Hamels is only 6-14 and down $1,274 this year, while Blanton continues to be the worst money burning pitcher in the bigs at 4-15 and -$1,513.

At least there is some hope for Hamels and his backers. The lefty has guided the Phils to four straight wins and has brought back $418 of profits in those games. Still, he is 4-11 with a 4.05 ERA this season, and those ugly marks probably aren't going anywhere any time in the near future. As far as Blanton is concerned, it's more of the same. This lefty is just 2-12 with a 5.53 ERA, and he has allowed 10 runs in nine innings in his last two starts combined, walking seven batters against just five strikeouts. The time is going to come when Blanton is booted out of the LA rotation, and until that time comes, it's going to be tough to want to back this team every fifth day on the MLB betting odds.