The All-Star break is said and done with, and the boys of summer are going to be back in the saddle for what should be a great summer surge. This is an article you're definitely going to want to read, as it will go over all of the best money pitchers on the MLB odds this season.

We're up to 13 pitchers which have netted their teams at least $800 of profits this year on the MLB betting lines based upon $100 bets per game. Two of those pitchers, Jeanmar Gomez and Clay Buchholz haven't started a game in months, while Matt Moore is currently on the disabled list for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Elsewhere on this list though, there are a number of pitchers who are helping their team become contenders for the playoffs. The only man that is pitching on a team right now in the Top 13 that doesn't have a fighting chance in the world of getting in the second season is Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins. Fernandez has almost miraculously led the Fish to a winning record this year at 13-8, and he has a 2.54 ERA of the season. Better than that? Fernandez has 27 strikeouts over 16 innings in his last two starts, and he has only allowed two runs in that stretch.

Interestingly enough, the only other man on this list who probably stands no chance of getting into the playoffs might be the man who wins the Cy Young Award in the National League, Patrick Corbin. Corbin is actually in his worst stretch of the season right now, as he has lost two straight games for Arizona to dip to 12-3 of the season. Still, for the year, he has led Arizona to an 18-4 record, and though his +$1,265 mark is being run down from behind, it's still the best mark in the bigs.

The other Cy Young Award favorite, Max Scherzer is not surprisingly on this list as well for the Detroit Tigers. Scherzer is 16-1 to show for his work this year, and he has a +$1,067 money mark. Every time that Scherzer looks feels like he should be taking a step in the wrong direction, he comes up with another ho hum 7.2 innings of scoreless baseball like he had against the Chicago White Sox in his last outing to silence the potential critics.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates are well represented on this list as well, and that really shouldn't be surprising considering the fact that Pittsburgh has the best money mark in baseball by a country mile and LA has been the hottest team in the league over the course of the last month and a half of the season. The Dodgers are represented by Zack Greinke (14-4, +$1,043) and Hyun-Jin Ryu (15-6, +$960), while the Pirates on this list include the aforementioned Gomez and Francisco Liriano (12-4, +$815).

The rest of the pitchers in the $800 or better club are all from the American League, and they all have ties to the prospective playoff teams. The Baltimore Orioles, Oakland A's, Cleveland Indians, and Kansas City Royals would all already be out of playoff contention if not for the production of their starters on this list.

We'll start in Baltimore, where Chris Tillman is 17-5 with a +$1,256 mark, the second best record in baseball and the best in the American League. Personally, Tillman is 14-3 this year in spite of the fact that his ERA is lofty at 3.89. You want proof that Tillman has gotten awfully lucky? He allowed six runs in 5.1 innings of work and got the win against the Seattle Mariners over the weekend.

Oakland's Bartolo Colon (17-6, +$966) was probably fortunate to avoid any repercussions for his role in the Biogenesis Lab case, but now, he can go back out there and just focus on pitching. Colon has led the team to losses in back to back starts, but it's tough to complain about a guy who had allowed two runs or fewer in his last seven starts prior to getting blown up by the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday.

Ubaldo Jimenez is no stranger to being a great pitcher, but it has been a while since we have thought of him as such. The right-hander has $880 in profits in spite of the fact that he has a 4.18 ERA and a whopping 62 walks allowed in just 116.1 innings of work. Still, you can't argue with success, and starts like the one he had against the Texas Rangers to end the month of July (eight innings of shutout ball) remind us of just how dangerous this righty can be.

Lastly though, comes a name that we never thought we would see at the top of any list. Jeremy Guthrie has helped lead the Kansas City Royals back to playoff contention. He has won 15 of his 23 starts this year and has a profit margin of +$848 in those games. Guthrie has the win in four straight outings, and he had his best start of the year in his last outing against the Minnesota Twins in which he allowed just four hits and a walk in a complete game shutout.