Especially here in the second half of the season, there have been some teams that have flat out tanked it. Going on the road is hard enough as it is in the bigs, let alone to do so with a team that isn't playing for all that much. Today, we're looking at all of the teams that just aren't getting the job done and are costing you the most scratch while playing on the road thus far in the 2013 season.

(Road record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Philadelphia Phillies (24-40, -$1,508) - There was a point that the Phillies were 23-27 on the road with nearly posting a winning money record. Then again, there was also a point that Philly considered itself not to be a seller at the trade deadline, and we see how well all of that worked out. If you did the math right, you'll see that the Phils are just 1-13 in their last 14 games on the road, and the one win was back on August 12th. That's the only road 'W' that the team has since July 19th. The last time the club won a game outside of the NL East on the road was on July 4th. If that's not the biggest "YO!" stat in the world, we don't know what is. This team has been a wicked wreck over the course of the last several weeks on the road, and in these 14 games, clubs are outscoring the Phillies by a count of 85-30, or an average of just under four runs per game.

Chicago White Sox (24-42, -$1,336) - And to think… This all comes AFTER the White Sox won their last six road games! Chicago is only putting off further disaster though, and the whole MLB betting world can see this one coming. The team earned $812 in those last six on the road, and that saved the club from being below the $2,000 mark in losses. That being said, we still feel as though this is a team that is a train wreck waiting to happen down the stretch. There isn't enough talent that is left on either side of Chicago to make either of these teams competitive in the long run, and the last month of the season should be a slow plod for a team that hasn't done bettors any favors at all from about May 1st through the middle of August.

Colorado Rockies (24-43, -$1,303) - The Rockies have never really played all that well on the road over the course of their entire existence, and this year hasn't been any exception whatsoever. The offense just isn't as good on the road, and the pitching staff is still very suspect. The real culprit right now has been the offense, though. The bats have produced more than four runs in a road game exactly one time since July 29th, and there have been 16 road games since that point. Not surprisingly, Colorado is just 4-12 in those 16 games, and that's a big chunk of the hit that this team has suffered this year on the road. Teams like this are the ones to steer way away from for the rest of the campaign.

San Francisco Giants (25-37, -$1,168) - It's not all that often that you see the defending World Series champs in this bad of shape, but the Giants have been terrible over the course of the last two months for sure. Really, it all started when the Dodgers got hot, and it's almost been as though San Fran has just pitched a tent and given up on the season at the exact same time that LA got its second wind. The good news is that the team does have series wins against the Marlins and the Phillies on the road since the end of July. The bad news is that San Francisco has dropped 10 of its last 11 away from AT&T Park against teams with records of .500 or better. There are still 10 games against winning teams left on the docket this year, and odds have it, the results won't be all that pretty.

Los Angeles Angels (25-34, -$964) - Nothing has really been working anywhere for the Angels. They did win on Friday night, but prior to that, they had gone just 7-18 in their last 25 games. There were bad losses on the road (getting outscored by the Yankees 31-19 in four games) and at home (getting swept by the Indians and scored just four runs in those games… not to mention losing two out of three to Houston in that stretch as well). For now though, we're going to focus on what this team hasn't done on the road. The fact of the matter is that there are still a ton more games to be played on the road as well. This road series is as brutal as it gets, as the team has to go from Seattle this weekend to Tampa Bay at the outset of next week, then Milwaukee. There's seven at home, then seven on the road with four stops on the roadie. Needless to say, none of this is going to be fun, and we wonder if the Angels will even get to 30 road wins this year.