All eyes have been fixated on football over the course of the last few weeks, but we are still keying in on the rest of the MLB betting season, knowing that there are some great opportunities to make some money on the diamond. Join us today, as we take one final look at the best home teams in the game and which ones you should be paying close attention to as we draw towards the end of the regular season.

(Home record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Atlanta Braves (51-20, +$1,918) - The Braves are fighting for the best record in baseball at this point, and they have the inside track with a two-game lead with just 16 left to play in the season on the Dodgers. Atlanta though, has historically had a pretty good record at the regular season at home, though not this good in quite some time. There's a legitimate chance for 60 wins this year at Turner Field, which would be remarkable. The question: What's going to happen when Adam Wainwright or Zack Greinke or Clayton Kershaw comes to Turner Field in the postseason? Is Atlanta going to be able to win that big time game? Or will it be able to at least go on the road against the best teams in the game and figure out how to win? It's going to be tough for the Braves for sure, and in spite of the fact that someone is probably going to have a win a few games here at Turner Field to knock them out of the playoffs, they are probably never going to be the favorites in the National League.

Pittsburgh Pirates (46-25, +$1,616) - If you want to know why it is vital for the Pirates to figure out how to win the NL Central this year, this is it. The team is in the thick of a dogfight for the top three positions in the division, and there is a monstrous difference between finishing first and third. The Bucs have played great ball at home all year long, and the reason that they are going to post a 90+ win season this year is because they already have 46 victories at PNC Park. The Bucs just started an 11-game home stand, tied for the longest of their season on Thursday with a win over the Cubs, but these 11 games are the last ones that the team has at home all season long.

Cleveland Indians (45-30, +$1,077) - A hat tip is definitely in order for Manager Terry Francona, who has taken this team of question marks and turned it into a team that is going to end up fighting right down to the last few days for a playoff spot. The good news is that the Tribe have the easiest schedule left of any of these teams in the thick of the fight and it really isn't all that close. The six home games that are left are four against Houston and two against the White Sox. That means that Cleveland should ultimately finish with at least 49-50 home wins this year. Will it be good enough to earn at least one more game to get into the second season? That's going to be the real tough one to answer. What's suspect is the fact that the Indians are just 8-11 in their last 19 home games, many of which have come against iffy teams that won't challenge for playoff spots.

Boston Red Sox (47-25, +$1,035) - When you average 5.20 runs per game, good things are going to happen for you, especially when you're playing in a hitter's park. The Red Sox have exploded for tons of runs of late, especially at Fenway Park, where they have put together an average of 6.56 runs per game in their last nine games, seven of which turned out to be wins. There is no team that is hotter in baseball in September than this year, and there is now no doubt whatsoever that Boston is going to win the AL East and ultimately have a shot to have home field advantage through the AL postseason. The question? Is there a dominating starting pitcher that can carry this team through the playoffs? We're still doubtful.

San Diego Padres (41-33, +$874) - You wouldn't figure to see a team that has just 66 wins on the season posting one of the best five money records in the game in any respect, but the Padres have been dynamos at home. Over the course of their last two home stands, they have a sweep against the Rockies, and they have taken two out of three against the Giants and Cubs. The Yankees, Reds, and Dodgers have all lost series here at Petco Park since the end of June as well. If the Pads could ever figure out how to generate some consistent offense, they might be a dangerous team. There's still no shame though, in the fact that they are guaranteed a winning season in their home park.