The 2013 postseason is halfway through, as 10 teams have been trimmed to four. Check out the four clubs that are left on the odds to win the World Series and which ones you can count on to get the job done for you in MLB betting action.

1: Boston Red Sox (3-1, +$193): The Red Sox were the best money team in baseball over the course of the regular season, and it is fitting that they are the best team thus far in the postseason as well. With speed that has forced teams into all sorts of hassles and mashers who can put the ball over the Green Monster, there is no doubt that this is the most dangerous team in the game, especially in the late innings. It isn't just RHP Koji Uehara that can stop teams in the ninth inning, but LHP Craig Breslow might be the most effective lefty specialist left in these playoffs. Add in there the fact that this team has a lot of moxie and a massive chip on its shoulder from last season's disaster, and the self-dubbed "Road to Redemption" might become a reality for the Red Sox this year.

2: Los Angeles Dodgers (3-1, +$189): LA is only right behind the Red Sox after taking three out of four from the Braves in the opening round of the second season. The Dodgers are certainly a great side, and it's thanks to the fact that they have some of the best starting pitching in the league. LHP Clayton Kershaw took his turn in Game 1 and then again in Game 4 in his first ever start on three days of rest in his career. The southpaw made it work, as he led his team to victory in both games. We all know that what makes this team dangerous is its totally revamped offense from last season. OF Carl Crawford has paid dividends with three homers in the series against the Braves, and there were five players that logged at least six hits in that series through just four games. The Dodgers were the hottest team in baseball over the course of the end of the season, and they probably had the easiest jaunt into the league championship series of any of the four teams left standing.

3: St. Louis Cardinals (3-2, +$75): The Cards aren't the most talented team in the world. They don't have the best pitching staff, they don't have the best hitters, and they don't have the best bullpen. They have more guys making under a million bucks this year on their postseason roster than almost all three of the other teams in the league championship series combined. It's not quite a "Moneyball" team, but GM Billy Beane would be proud if this was his squad. The Cardinals are only batting .209 as a team, ranking dead last by a country mile, but if you were to just look at those "clutch" spots, you'll find out why this team is winning. Look at OF Carlos Beltran. He's a man with all of the playoff experience on the planet, and he is certainly going to be one of the key cogs. Will he bat .400 in this series? Probably not. But if he can get that one hit that changes a game all by himself, he can do the job. Add in there RHP Adam Wainwright's ability to shut down the opposition on any given night this time of year, and that's the winning combination. It might not be pretty, but it's tough to ignore that the Cardinals are winners.

4: Detroit Tigers (3-2, +$42): Detroit was only just barely a winner in the first round of the playoffs, and it was only just barely a winner in terms of profits as well. The big killer was when RHP Justin Verlander was beaten in Game 2 in spite of the fact that he didn't give up a single run in that game. Verlander made amends in Game 5 though, and he is now working on 28 consecutive scoreless innings dating back to the regular season. That's nuts. The rest of the Detroit pitchers are as strong as any group in the game, though RHP Anibal Sanchez, RHP Max Scherzer, and RHP Doug Fister (or RHP Rick Porcello) absolutely have to be better to win the ALCS against a very good Red Sox outfit. The offense finally woke up from is slumber, and after putting up 25 donuts in 27 innings in the first three games, this unit scored 11 runs in its last two games against Oakland, and that was how this team got here.