The 2013 postseason is almost over, as 10 teams have been trimmed to just two. Check out the how the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals stack up on the odds to win the World Series and which one you can count on to get the job done for you in MLB betting action.

1: Boston Red Sox (7-3, +$394): It's amazing to think that the Red Sox are batting just .239 thus far in the postseason, yet they have won seven of their 10 games. Are they really going to be good enough to take their beards all the way to the World Series title? What really becomes intriguing in this series is how the oddsmakers handle home field advantage. If it's any indication early, Boston is the team that is going to be getting the slight edge in more of these games than not, and that gives us quite the strong feeling that this is a series where there is some money to be made on Boston. The bullpen continues to be absolutely lights out for the Red Sox, as this unit has a 0.84 ERA thus far here in the second season, and there is no doubt if that keeps up against the Cardinals, this is a series that really should be won, especially with all of the clutch hits that the club just keeps seeming to find when it needs it the most. It's not often you see a team that gets no-hit in a game and comes back to win the World Series, but that's what the Red Sox are trying to pull off. Boston is the slender -135 favorite to start this series, which essentially insinuates that this series would be a dead tossup if there were 3.5 home games for each side.

2: St. Louis Cardinals (7-4, +$349): It's at least an interesting study here in how St. Louis has one more loss in the postseason, but it almost has the same money record. Part of that is a testament to the fact that Boston was really never supposed to be challenged here in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Though the Cardinals had the home field advantage throughout both series, the Pittsburgh Pirates were the trendy team from the get go, and the Los Angeles Dodgers were favored almost every step of the way. The fact of the matter is that the formula for both of these teams has been very similar. Clutch hitting has been the key, as the Cards are actually barely hitting .200 for the whole postseason. That said, they have the second most home runs, and that's really coming in handy, especially in these close games. The bullpen for St. Louis is second best only to Boston here in the playoffs, and the starting pitchers, though good, aren't really the same names that you'd see on teams like Detroit or LA. In the end, the Cardinals are finding ways to get wins with guys like RHP Michael Wacha on the mound, and it just doesn't get any better than that. The Cards have to overcome being +115 underdogs, but we expect that somewhere along the way, both of these teams are going to be favored to win the World Series.