Most Major League Baseball teams have played around 60 games so far this season and some have been a great return on investment while others have been a money pit for bettors. Some teams have very sharp home and road splits, while others have been profitable no matter the location.


Through June 6, here are the five best and worst teams for bettors (per $100 wager) based on a number of a different factors:

Top 5 Overall Teams:

1. San Francisco Giants: +$1,807

2. Toronto Blue Jays: +$1,399

3. Milwaukee Brewers: +$984

4. Chicago White Sox: +$922

5. Miami Marlins: +$782

Worst 5 Overall Teams:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$2,325

2. Boston Red Sox: -$1,184

3. Los Angeles Dodgers: -$985

4. Philadelphia Phillies: -$954

5. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$907

Top 5 Home Teams:

1. Miami Marlins: +$1,116

2. San Francisco Giants: +$728

3. Cleveland Indians: +$716

4. Chicago White Sox: +$427

5. Colorado Rockies: +$282

It’s interesting to note that only one American League East team, the Toronto Blue Jays, has turned a profit at home for bettors this season. That likely has something to do with their recent stretch of 17 wins in 20 games, including a 9-2 record at home in that span. No American League West team has been profitable at home this season. The Oakland Athletics are the closest at -$18, but with the steep price to lay on the A’s at home, their 17-12 home record has yielded an overall loss. Out of the National League East and the National League Central, only the Marlins and the Milwaukee Brewers are in the black.

Worst 5 Home Teams:

1. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,532

2. Los Angeles Dodgers: -$1,488

3. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,123

4. Philadelphia Phillies: -$883

5. Detroit Tigers: -$763

The Diamondbacks have a league-worst record of 9-22 at Chase Field this season. They are on pace for their first sub-.500 season at home since 2010 when they went 65-97 overall and 40-41 at home. The last time Arizona was more than one game below .500 at home was the season before in 2009. Bettors have been burned badly by the Dodgers and Rays overall, but especially at home. The Tigers sneak onto this list because they have lost six of their last seven at home to Texas and Toronto. Prior to that stretch, the Tigers were 13-8.

Top 5 Road Teams:

1. Toronto Blue Jays: +$1,145

2. San Francisco Giants: +$1,079

3. Oakland Athletics: +$785

4. Milwaukee Brewers: +$775

5. Seattle Mariners: +$719

Only four American League teams are in the red on the road, while eight of the 15 National League teams are losing money for bettors away from home. The Blue Jays top the list with their recent sweep of the Tigers as an underdog in all three contests. Only Oakland has a better road record than San Francisco. Both teams are viewed far more favorably at home because of their pitcher-friendly home conditions, but they have had success on the road. The Mariners also fit into the category of a team that has a good home park for pitchers.

Worst 5 Road Teams:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,202

2. Cleveland Indians: -$935

3. Chicago Cubs: -$790

4. Colorado Rockies: -$726

5. Pittsburgh Pirates: -$551

The Rays top yet another “worst” list as they have been far and away the worst road bet for bettors. Their 11 wins on the road are actually more than both Cleveland and the Cubs, but they top the list nonetheless. The Indians are a negative team on the season because of how awful they’ve been on the road with a 9-19 mark. After starting on a tear, the Rockies have really fallen off the pace and are now 28-31 overall and just 12-21 on the road. The Pirates are 12-18 on the road.

Top 5 Favorites:

1. Oakland Athletics: +$1,355

2. San Francisco Giants: +$644

3. Cleveland Indians: +$385

4. Chicago White Sox: +$316

5. Cincinnati Reds: +$262

Part of what makes betting baseball so tough is that it’s hard to overcome the chalk if a favorite loses and underdogs are always a difficult bet to make. Out of 30 MLB teams, 12 show a profit as a favorite and just four of those 12 show a profit of less than one unit.

Worst 5 Favorites:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,828

2. Boston Red Sox: -$1,344

3. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,164

4. San Diego Padres: -$717

5. Philadelphia Phillies: -$708

Backing the Rays as a favorite has absolutely crippled a bankroll, down over 18 units on the season. AL East foe Boston has also struggled with a 27-32 record and inflated lines based on name recognition. The Diamondbacks make this list because of their putrid home record, since they’re almost never favored on the road. The Padres pitching staff is good enough to lead to some big lines at home, but the league’s worst offense has hurt. The Phillies are 1-7 in Cole Hamels’s eight starts to represent a big contribution to their total.

Top 5 Underdogs:

1. Toronto Blue Jays: +$1,233

2. San Francisco Giants: +$1,163

3. Milwaukee Brewers: +$952

4. Minnesota Twins: +$662

5.  Chicago White Sox: +$606

The Blue Jays top this list with their sweep of the Tigers, while the Giants have played very well on the road. The Brewers started hot to alter the oddsmakers’ perception of them and have been an underdog less and less since April. The Twins are 9-2 in Phil Hughes’s 11 starts for over 10 units of profit and most of their total here likely comes from that. The White Sox offense has been surprisingly good.

Worst 5 Underdogs:

1. Kansas City Royals: -$673

2. Cleveland Indians: -$604

3. Oakland Athletics: -$584

4. Cincinnati Reds: -$581

5. Tampa Bay Rays: -$497

The Royals are 9-4 when James Shields starts and 20-27 with any other starter. Given their starting rotation, they are an underdog a lot with the other four guys. The Indians are 9-19 on the road to lead to this number. The A’s are rarely an underdog so there’s likely a small sample size bias in there. The Reds are 3-6 against St. Louis and 14-17 on the road. Tampa Bay makes yet another appearance.

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