Most Major League Baseball teams have played around 70 games so far this season and some have been a great return on investment while others have been a money pit for bettors. Some teams have very sharp home and road splits, while others have been profitable no matter the location.

Through June 12, here are the five best and worst teams for bettors (per $100 wager) based on a number of a different factors:

Top 5 Overall Teams:

1. San Francisco Giants: +$1,859

2. Milwaukee Brewers: +$1,149

3. Toronto Blue Jays: +$891

4. Oakland Athletics: +$758

5. Chicago White Sox: +$750

Worst 5 Overall Teams:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$2,666

2. Boston Red Sox: -$1,256

3. San Diego Padres: -$1,179

4. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,055

5. Los Angeles Dodgers: -$917

Top 5 Home Teams:

1. Miami Marlins: +$1,116

2. San Francisco Giants: +$780

3. Cleveland Indians: +$716

4. Chicago White Sox: +$570

5. Colorado Rockies: +$228

Do oddsmakers overvalue home-field advantage in baseball? It may seem that way because just four of the 15 American League teams are in the black at home and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are the only one above .500 for the season. Six out of the 15 National League teams are in the black at home, but only two are well above a profit of two units on the season.

Worst 5 Home Teams:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: -$1,488

2. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,468

3. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,464

4. New York Yankees: -$721

5. Seattle Mariners: -$714

The National League West is well-represented at the top of this list again this week with the two worst home bets for MLB players. The Tampa Bay Rays continued to hemorrhage money for bettors this season, dropping three more units at home over the last week. A recent 2-5 homestand for the Yankees pushed them into this list and the Mariners continue to hit well away from home and not well at all in the pitcher-friendly confines of Safeco Field.

Top 5 Road Teams:

1. San Francisco Giants: +$1,079

2. Toronto Blue Jays: +$1,045

3. Seattle Mariners: +$1,044

4. Milwaukee Brewers: +$940

5. Minnesota Twins: +$789

The team with the league’s best road record, the Oakland Athletics, falls out of this list thanks a strong stretch away from home for the Seattle Mariners and Milwaukee Brewers. The Twins are just 16-16 on the road, but they’ve picked up wins as a big underdog thanks to Phil Hughes’s work of late, so they crack the top five once again. Toronto leveled off a bit this past week to give the top spot back to the Giants.

Worst 5 Road Teams:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,202

2. Cleveland Indians: -$1,044

3. Chicago Cubs: -$927

4. Colorado Rockies: -$726

5. Boston Red Sox: -$606

The Rays begin a series in Houston on Friday night after another poor homestand. We’ll see if they put more distance between themselves and the rest of the pack on the road. The Indians temporarily moved off the runner-up spot by taking three out of four in Texas, but three straight road defeats have them firmly in second once again. The Cubs had a nice run at home, but dropped three out of four to the Pirates. The Red Sox endured a 2-7 road trip last week to crack the top five worst road teams for bettors.

Top 5 Favorites:

1. Oakland Athletics: +$1,309

2. San Francisco Giants: +$796

3. Cleveland Indians: +$373

4. Miami Marlins: +$291

5. Kansas City Royals: +$271

Not a whole lot of improvement in this list as the Athletics and Indians both lost money as a favorite over the last week and the Marlins and Royals cracked the top five. Nearly all of the favorite spots for the Marlins have come at home and, as seen above, the Fish are pretty good at home. The Royals are starting to hit a little better and Danny Duffy has been a welcomed addition to the rotation.

Worst 5 Favorites:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$2,078

2. Boston Red Sox: -$1,347

3. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,217

4. San Diego Padres: -$960

5. Detroit Tigers: -$859

Overcoming the vig in baseball is tough as eight teams have been minus six or more units on the season as a favorite. The Rays fell nearly two more units as a favorite over the last week during their ugly homestand. The Red Sox have a chance to creep down this list this weekend as they host the Indians. The Diamondbacks are still here because of their atrocious home record, now 12-24. The Padres offensive woes keep them firmly on this list and the Tigers are here because of Justin Verlander’s struggles and a lack of run support for Anibal Sanchez. The Tigers are also -5.32 units in Drew Smyly’s nine starts.

Top 5 Underdogs:

1. Toronto Blue Jays: +$1,133

2. San Francisco Giants: +$1,063

3. Milwaukee Brewers: +$1,059

4. Minnesota Twins: +$862

5. Seattle Mariners: +$688

Very little change atop this list because the Blue Jays have been facing a lot of favorite spots since their 16-3 run. The Giants and Blue Jays were each down a unit as an underdog last week, while the Brewers closed the gap with a series victory in Pittsburgh last weekend. The Phil Hughes money train puts the Twins firmly in this list and the Mariners’ recent road success over the hapless Rays pushes them into the fifth spot.

Worst 5 Underdogs:

1. Cleveland Indians: -$701

2. Kansas City Royals: -$671

3. Tampa Bay Rays: -$588

4. Oakland Athletics: -$555

5. New York Mets: -$521

The Indians continue to face underdog spots on the road and fail at those. The Royals are 10-4 in James Shields’s 14 starts and 23-28 in starts by any other pitcher. They have lost money with every other starting pitcher this season. The Rays make another worst of list because they are 17 games under .500. The A’s have a great road record but have lost against tough pitchers to make this list. The Mets make an appearance in the top five with their poor record as a home underdog so far this season.

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