We’re nearing the halfway point of this season and some teams have been a great return on investment while others have been a money pit for bettors. Some teams have very sharp home and road splits, while others have been profitable no matter the location.

Through June 19, here are the five best and worst teams for bettors (per $100 wager) based on a number of a different factors:

Top 5 Overall Teams:

1. Milwaukee Brewers: +$1,223

2. San Francisco Giants: +$1,155

3. Oakland Athletics: +$895

4. Toronto Blue Jays: +$688

5. Chicago White Sox: +$522

Worst 5 Overall Teams:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$2,666

2. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,360

3. San Diego Padres: -$1,281

4. Boston Red Sox: -$1,198

5. Detroit Tigers: -$805

Top 5 Home Teams:

1. Cleveland Indians: +$804

2. Miami Marlins: +$740

3. Chicago White Sox: +$447

4. San Francisco Giants: +$292

5. Colorado Rockies: +$228

The Indians moved back atop the list of home team money-makers with slightly better than eight units of profit at home. The Marlins are a close second, holding a big advantage over everybody else in the top five. The White Sox are still hanging on this list, but they have dropped a couple of units at home recently.

Worst 5 Home Teams:

1. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,711

2. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,523

3. Los Angeles Dodgers: -$1,136

4. Detroit Tigers: -$963

5. Philadelphia Phillies: -$715

Three big payroll teams make the list, while the Diamondbacks and Rays continue to cripple bettors who make the mistake of backing them at home. It’s interesting to note that three of the five teams have very good starting pitching, while the Phillies and Diamondbacks have been hurt by injuries to the starting rotation, including the losses of staff aces Cliff Lee and Patrick Corbin.

Top 5 Road Teams:

1. Milwaukee Brewers: +$1,153

2. San Francisco Giants: +$863

3. Toronto Blue Jays: +$842

4. Seattle Mariners: +$802

5. Oakland Athletics: +$772

How the west will be won is by the road prowess of two of its top teams with the best records in baseball. The Giants and Athletics both make the road list with good performances for bettors. The Brewers jump to the top of the list as the one of the few teams to make money on the road over the past week.

Worst 5 Road Teams:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,143

2. Cleveland Indians: -$912

3. San Diego Padres: -$883

4. Chicago Cubs: -$714

5. Boston Red Sox: -$702

Repeat offenders all over this list as road struggles have hurt all five of these teams. The Padres can’t win anywhere, so it’s no surprise that they’re closing on the top two teams, the Rays and Indians, who have been atop this list basically all season long. The Cubs are playing a lot better of late, but most of their success has been at home.

Top 5 Favorites:

1. Oakland Athletics: +$1,450

2. Kansas City Royals: +$471

3. New York Yankees: +$370

4. Cleveland Indians: +$348

5. San Francisco Giants: +$192

The Athletics almost have the second-best team tripled as a favorite as one of the few teams to consistently beat the chalk. The Royals have been on a great run, including a 10-game winning streak that just ended on Thursday with a loss to the Tigers. That run vaulted them up this list. The Indians stay in the top five because of their home record and the Giants fall to fifth, dropping nearly six units as a favorite over the last week.

Worst 5 Favorites:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$2,078

2. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,461

3. San Diego Padres: -$1,218

4. Detroit Tigers: -$1,135

5. Boston Red Sox: -$1,089

No surprise to see most of these teams here. The Tigers got off to a 27-12 start which inflated their lines and then they went in the tank for a month. The Rays have been brutal since the start and top most of these “Worst Of” lists. The Padres and Diamondbacks have been punching bags for teams all season long. The Diamondbacks have been awful at home and they’re never favored on the road. The big money Red Sox have been inconsistent and face some big chalk at times.

Top 5 Underdogs:

1. Milwaukee Brewers: +$1,283

2. Toronto Blue Jays: +$1,043

3. San Francisco Giants: +$963

4. Chicago White Sox: +$572

5. Baltimore Orioles: +$504

Milwaukee vaults up another list as oddsmakers are pricing them like they expect the balloon to burst sooner rather than later. Recency bias skewed the Blue Jays lines and created more spots as favorites for them, so there has been little movement in their performance over the last week. The White Sox and Orioles are overcoming some mediocre starting pitching to sneak into this list.

Worst 5 Underdogs:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: -$588

2. Oakland Athletics: -$555

3. Cleveland Indians: -$456

4. Washington Nationals: -$389

5. New York Mets: -$367

The usual suspects remain in the top three spots as the Rays top yet another “Worst Of” list. The small sample size bias is still in play with the Oakland Athletics in the #2 spot. The Indians have been terrible on the road and that explains their presence. The Nationals are rarely underdogs because of the big three in their rotation, big four if you count Doug Fister, and so they sneak into the list. The Mets are frequently an underdog and at 33-40, it’s easy to see how they’re on here.

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