It’s been a couple of weeks since the updated list of how teams are faring against the moneyline this season. Here’s a list at the top five and worst five teams overall, home, away, as a favorite, and as an underdog through July 23.

Top 5 Overall Teams:

1. Baltimore Orioles: +$1,468

2. Oakland Athletics: +$1,465

3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: +$1,194

4. San Francisco Giants: +$763

5. Chicago White Sox: +$642

Worst 5 Overall Teams:

1. Texas Rangers: -$2,192

2. Colorado Rockies: -$2,017

3. Boston Red Sox: -$1,757

4. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,722

5. San Diego Padres: -$1,518

Top 5 Home Teams:

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: +$1,037

2. Oakland Athletics: +$848

3. Pittsburgh Pirates: +$738

4. Chicago White Sox: +$592

5. Cleveland Indians: +$516

Nobody has been better at home than the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who are now 35-18 at home on the season. The Oakland Athletics have been near the top of this list all season long with a pitching staff tailored perfectly to their spacious ballpark. The Pittsburgh Pirates have made a big climb up this list that has coincided with their climb up the NL Central standings. The Chicago White Sox are 27-24 at home on the year and tend to be an underdog at least three out of every five games. The Cleveland Indians are still ten games over .500 at home, good for the third-best record in the AL.

Worst 5 Home Teams:

1. Texas Rangers: -$1,799

2. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,770

3. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,444

4. Philadelphia Phillies: -$1,419

5. Boston Red Sox: -$1,071

The horrible season for the Texas Rangers puts them atop this list with the league’s worst home record at 18-30. The Tampa Bay Rays have played much better of late, but they had some big holes to climb out of in regards to this list and that remains a work in progress. Only the Philadelphia Phillies have a worse home record than the Arizona Diamondbacks, so it’s fitting that those two represent the NL in this category. The Boston Red Sox keep getting overpriced at home in the midst of a down season, even though they are 26-26 at home.

Top 5 Road Teams:

1. Baltimore Orioles: +$1,496

2. Seattle Mariners: +$1,300

3. San Francisco Giants: +$1,185

4. Milwaukee Brewers: +$1,123

5. Detroit Tigers: +$802

In their charge to get atop the AL East, the Orioles have the AL’s second-best road record, trailing only the Tigers, who also make this list. The Mariners have some rather interesting home/road splits given the pitcher-friendly conditions of Safeco Field for the mediocrity of their rotation behind King Felix and Hisashi Iwakuma. The Giants have continued to win away from AT&T Park, with the NL’s best mark at 29-19, while the Brewers have done the same.

Worst 5 Road Teams:

1. Colorado Rockies: -$1,317

2. San Diego Padres: -$1,117

3. Chicago Cubs: -$876

4. Boston Red Sox: -$686

5. Cleveland Indians: -$662

The Rockies pitching staff has suffered everywhere this season, but the offense hasn’t been able to bail them out as much on the road. The Rockies have also been decimated by injuries this season. The Padres have one of the league’s top defensive teams, but their inability to score any runs hurts them away from their pitcher-friendly home. The Cubs are 20-35 away from home. The Red Sox keep getting overpriced and the Indians have given back all of their home success when they are playing in a different park.

Top 5 Favorites:

1. Oakland Athletics: +$2,420

2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: +$1,110

3. Baltimore Orioles: +$392

4. Pittsburgh Pirates: +$376

5. Cincinnati Reds: +$304

The two best teams in the AL win when they’re supposed to and that’s why they’re two of the league’s best teams. The Orioles have played well of late and their offensive success on the road has finally followed them home. The Pirates are also playing well of late and have done a lot of that at home, where they are regularly favored. The Reds have fallen off the pace a little bit with injuries to Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips, but their starting rotation remains solid.

Worst 5 Favorites:

1. Boston Red Sox: -$1,722

2. San Diego Padres: -$1,553

3. Tampa Bay Rays: -$1,532

4. Philadelphia Phillies: -$1,013

5. Arizona Diamondbacks: -$1,000

No surprises here as three of the worst teams in the league and two of the most overrated teams in the league appear. The Red Sox and Rays are both playing better, but inflated lines early in the season led to some very deep holes. The Padres, Phillies, and Diamondbacks haven’t been favored much, so small sample size comes into play, but those teams have combined to be 41 games under .500 so far this season.

Top 5 Underdogs:

1. Milwaukee Brewers: +$1,188

2. Baltimore Orioles: +$1,076

3. Seattle Mariners: +$856

4. San Francisco Giants: +$734

5. Toronto Blue Jays: +$580

The Brewers haven’t been challenged on this list for a while as they’ve continued to play well against quality competition. The Orioles have been shooting up all sorts of lists, so it’s no surprise that they moved up this one as well. The Mariners and Giants also appear on the top road teams list, which likely explains their success as an underdog. The Blue Jays got overpriced during their hot streak and most of what’s left as a profit is a holdover from when they were just starting to play well.

Worst 5 Underdogs:

1. Colorado Rockies: -$1,709

2. Oakland Athletics: -$955

3. Kansas City Royals: -$498

4. Houston Astros: -$397

5. New York Yankees: -$258

The Colorado Rockies have been terrible for the better part of a month and a half and the lines have reflected their play. At 16-33 on the road, the Rockies have done a lot of losing as an underdog. The Athletics’ small sample size of being an underdog is a direct effect of their second-place spot. The Royals have failed to win as a home underdog this season and they’re minus almost five units for bettors. The Astros were inflated a little bit, especially when Dallas Keuchel pitched, for a while there. At 41-58, that trend is probably about over. The Yankees are a surprise on this list considering their 29-24 road record.

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