The much anticipated Westgate Superbook 2015 MLB Season Win Totals are out and the list looks quite a bit different than the one that Atlantis Sportsbook in Reno put out to open up the market last Friday.

Here’s a look at the MLB win totals from Westgate Superbook (formerly LVH):

Baltimore Orioles: 81.5

Boston Red Sox: 86

New York Yankees: 81.5

Tampa Bay Rays: 79.5

Toronto Blue Jays: 82.5


Chicago White Sox: 81.5

Cleveland Indians: 84.5

Detroit Tigers: 84.5

Kansas City Royals: 79.5

Minnesota Twins: 71.5


Houston Astros: 75.5

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 89.5

Oakland Athletics: 80.5

Seattle Mariners: 87.5

Texas Rangers: 78.5



Atlanta Braves: 73.5

Miami Marlins: 81.5

New York Mets: 81.5

Philadelphia Phillies: 68.5

Washington Nationals: 93


Chicago Cubs: 82.5

Cincinnati Reds: 78

Milwaukee Brewers: 78.5

Pittsburgh Pirates: 83.5

St. Louis Cardinals: 88.5


Arizona Diamondbacks: 72

Colorado Rockies: 71.5

Los Angeles Dodgers: 92.5

San Diego Padres: 85.5

San Francisco Giants: 84.5

First, we’ll look at the biggest differences from the opening numbers at Atlantis. The Baltimore Orioles opened 81.5 at Westgate and 84.5 at Atlantis. The Cleveland Indians opened 84.5 at Westgate and 81 at Atlantis. The Kansas City Royals opened 79.5 at Westgate and 83 at Atlantis. The Minnesota Twins opened 71.5 at Westgate and 68.5 at Atlantis. The Houston Astros opened 75.5 at Westgate and 73 at Atlantis. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim opened 89.5 at Westgate and 87.5 at Atlantis. The Seattle Mariners opened 87.5 at Westgate and 85 at Atlantis. The San Diego Padres opened 85.5 at Westgate and 84 at Atlantis.

The Indians jumped from 81 to 82.5 in a hurry at Atlantis, so it’s not a huge surprise to see the Indians a lot higher at Westgate, since they have gotten a lot of buzz over the last couple of days as a team with high expectations. The Indians opened 82 at The M for CG Technology’s less-publicized win totals.

Over the course of 162 games, every game matters, so some of these numbers certainly have more value at Westgate than they did at Atlantis and vice versa. During the final week of last season, several of the win totals lines were still in play and a couple of them, including San Diego, were not decided until the final day of the season.

In our look at the Atlantis numbers, we isolated Colorado over, Cincinnati under, and San Diego under as possible plays. The Rockies went up by one win at Westgate, the Reds went down by one win, and the number on the Padres is even more attractive with a 1.5-win bump. In the National League numbers at Westgate, the Cubs could be a possible addition. The Cubs need a lot to go right with a lot of young players in order to win 83 games and the NL Central does not have one team that everybody can beat up on.

On the American League side, we were in love with the Indians over 81 at Atlantis and that number has lost all value at 84.5. The other ones we liked in the AL were Chicago under, Toronto over, and Oakland over. The White Sox are half a win lower at Westgate, while the Blue Jays and Athletics have more favorable numbers for us. With a three-win jump, the Twins could be an attractive under play. The Astros would also merit strong consideration as an add to this list with a 2.5-win jump.

In-depth previews of all 30 MLB teams will be posted over the course of the next week as we get all of our readers prepared for the season ahead. The AL East will kick off our MLB Win Total series on Monday.