The Major League Baseball regular season is less than two weeks away. There have been some major injuries throughout Spring Training that have altered the win totals lines and the futures odds. The MLB regular season is a grind with 162 games and six months of nightly action for each team. A lot of bettors prefer to take it easy during baseball season to prepare for the upcoming football season. Whether or not you bet the MLB on a nightly basis, you can set yourself up for some good profit opportunities by betting the futures odds.

Here is a look at some MLB World Series futures odds from three of the most popular online sportsbooks (listed alphabetically by division):

New York (AL)+2800+3000+3300
Tampa Bay+6600+5000+6600
Chicago (AL)+2000+2100+1600
Kansas City+2800+2275+3300
Los Angeles (AL)+1200+1050+1400
New York (NL)+2800+3250+3300
Chicago (NL)+1600+1800+1400
St. Louis+1200+1200+1200
Los Angeles (NL)+700+600+850
San Diego+1800+2250+1800
San Francisco+2000+2000+1800

As you can see, it’s important to shop around for the best World Series odds. Looking at this list, there are some good value plays to be made. Hedging can be done by series or on a game-by-game basis if you are fortunate enough to get your futures bet into the playoffs. Remember that the MLB is different from the other leagues in that only one-third of the teams get into the playoffs and two of those 10 teams only play one playoff game.

The second wild card has dramatically changed the game and has forced oddsmakers to lower their futures odds on teams that are on the cusp of being good, but aren’t quite there yet. Even still, there are some good value plays that bettors should be able to take advantage of.

Cleveland (+2250) – The Indians are +2250 at 5Dimes and this is a solid number for anybody looking to get some skin in the MLB game. The Indians have gotten a lot of media accolades this offseason, yet they sit behind the White Sox and Tigers, for the most part, in futures odds. Not only could this team host the ALDS, but they could certainly grab one of the two wild card spots and give somebody holding a +2250 ticket a chance to begin hedging.

Baltimore (+3300) – This is a ridiculous number at Bovada on the Orioles. The Orioles won 96 games last year with a lot of things that went in their favor, but some that didn’t. Chris Davis was hit by the regression bus and then was suspended for a significant amount of time towards the end of the season. Boston is the favorite in the AL East, but to have Baltimore at longer odds than the Yankees and Blue Jays are some books is just crazy.

Pittsburgh (+2700) – The Pirates are an excellent look in the National League. The St. Louis Cardinals already have some injury issues with Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha and the Pirates have one of the most gifted outfields in the Majors. This number at 5Dimes presents a lot of value for bettors looking to get in on some futures. The Pirates should, at the very least, represent the NL as a wild card.

Oakland (+2900) – The Oakland A’s lost the offseason by traditional standards because they gave up a lot of big name talent in exchange for cheaper, controlled talent. That doesn’t win offseason accolades. However, this is the roster composition that Billy Beane is far more comfortable with. People writing off the A’s are making a big mistake. Their home field advantage is significant with the make-up of the roster.

There are also some teams with no value that bettors need to avoid:

Washington (+500) – Don’t bother. There’s no way to hedge this and the Nationals already have some injury concerns. Denard Span and Anthony Rendon are going to start the season on the disabled list. The Nationals undoubtedly have the best starting pitching depth in the league, but there’s not a lot of value in taking a 5/1 price over a six-month span.

Los Angeles (AL) (+1050) – Why? The Angels traded away one of their highest WAR players in Howie Kendrick and have a starting rotation that includes Jered Weaver and CJ Wilson. Both of those players are trending in the wrong direction and the Seattle Mariners are on the upswing. The lack of confidence in the A’s is driving this number and that’s a mistake.

Chicago (NL) (+1400) – Don’t fall victim to the hype. The Cubs have a tremendous collection of youngsters, but they also have a lot of learning to do at the Major League level. The Cubs would have a good season if they wind up with the third-best record in the NL Central behind St. Louis and Pittsburgh. There’s a lot that has to go right for this team and it probably won’t happen this season.