After another weekend of baseball, we’ve reached the 40-game mark for some teams, which is often the time when fans and the media start to make their concrete judgments about teams. Even though 75 percent of the season is left to be played, narratives begin to fly and postseason projections get adjusted. Avoid all of that noise and listen to the baseball analysis of Adam Burke on The Bettor’s Box. It’s our twice-a-week MLB betting podcast that uses sabermetrics, observations, and line movements to analyze baseball betting market.

Listeners of the show can also hit Adam up on Twitter at his handle, @SkatingTripods, to talk baseball betting, topics for the show, or any other sport at BangTheBook. He’s always willing to discuss baseball, as well as the other sports. Don’t hesitate to ask him for more clarification about sabermetrics or about the observations that he has seen in previous games.

As always, Adam began the show with a look Beyond the Box Score to look at some of the recent results that will impact the betting market. The Oakland Athletics have seen their perception drop to a season low after getting swept at home by the Chicago White Sox. Defense and relief pitching have been two major problem areas for the A’s all season long and they reared their ugly head again in this series. Is there hope for the Athletics? Could now actually be the time to bet on them?

The Houston Astros swept the Toronto Blue Jays in four games over the weekend. The Astros are definitely an interesting team, especially to Adam with his sabermetric points of view. Can they sustain this type of performance? What is going on with the Blue Jays? Is there any hope for them in the AL East, where nobody has really stood out?

Plenty of line moves over the weekend were worth examining from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, including a couple of flipped favorites that were losers on Saturday. According to Adam, there are some line moves to expect in the future on a couple of pitchers that were in action on Sunday. This segment also included two picks for Monday night that listeners should take advantage of.

In a lot of sports, handicappers like to bet on coaching mismatches. Those are often harder to find in Major League Baseball, but there are some sabermetric stats to try and see what managers know how to manage their assets the best. In-game decisions are important. Platoon advantages are easy, but backing managers that know how to utilize a bullpen can be the difference between winning and losing bets. Adam gave listeners some tips on how to do that and how to interpret some of the data.

There are some games on the horizon that should be of interest to listeners of the show, including a major test for one of the National League’s top teams so far this season. An interleague series between two Southeast teams could shed some light on a team that Adam expects to go on a run very soon.

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