It’s Trade Deadline day and that means that there was a lot to talk about on The Bettor’s Box,’s MLB betting podcast. With the deadline going on, it was best to simply do a Bettor’s Box and then get back into the one-hour BangTheBook Radio broadcasts, which we will do on Tuesday and throughout the rest of the week. On this episode, Adam recapped the trades that have happened so far, looked ahead to some that might happen, and then chatted about Monday’s MLB card, before tying it all together to end the show.

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Today’s edition of The Bettor’s Box covered a lot of important topics. A lot of people get really excited about the Trade Deadline, even though it sometimes lacks impact. From a handicapping standpoint, the vast majority of trades have a lot more real-life application than betting application. The market will react, as it always does, but the reaction is often over the top and misguided. Adam debunked some of these trade-induced wagering angles here on today’s show and did so using some specific examples.

There are the trades that have already happened, like Andrew Miller and Wade Miley, and then the trades that might happen, like Chris Sale, Chris Archer, and Jonathan Lucroy. As bettors, we sometimes try to look for things that aren’t there or try to over-evaluate the things that are there but don’t make very much difference. That’s why Adam focused so much on talking about the deadline and about the reasons why today can be a tough day for handicappers.

There are only eight games on Monday night, but there are a few betting opportunities. Adam talked about some thoughts on the Battle of New York between the Yankees and Mets, the game between the Royals and Rays, and then the nightcap between Boston and Seattle. What makes these games so special? All of them have some situational elements in play and listeners of BangTheBook Radio and readers of know that we love to dive deep into those angles to make plays. You’ll definitely want to hear the thoughts on these games.

The goal of our programming has always been to educate and inform. That was the common theme throughout today’s edition of The Bettor’s Box.


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