Thursdays are a day for celebration because The Bettor’s Box gets posted at Our excellent MLB betting podcast is recorded twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays with top notch baseball betting insight and analysis. Host Adam Burke digs deep to give you the information that you need to know in a podcast that is perfectly timed for your drive to or from work. On this episode, Adam had a lot of thoughts on teams fighting for playoff spots and also some insight into how he handicaps games outside of the stats.

Listeners of the show can also hit Adam up on Twitter at his handle, @SkatingTripods, to talk baseball betting, topics for the show, or any other sport at BangTheBook. He’s always willing to discuss baseball, as well as the other sports. Don’t hesitate to ask him for more clarification about sabermetrics or about the observations that he has seen in previous games.

The Toronto Blue Jays just kept rolling along this week by taking the first two over the Oakland Athletics. They aren’t the only division leader having a good week, as the New York Mets also had a good start to their series against the Colorado Rockies. The current leaders for the second wild card in the National League avoided a letdown as the Chicago Cubs took the first two against the Milwaukee Brewers and were a heavy favorite to sweep the Beermakers on Thursday. Thoughts on all of those series and more were the subject of today’s “Beyond the Box Score”.

Today’s show was full of good handicapping tips and suggestions. The “Down the Lines” segment always covers important topics like line analysis and how to interpret the betting market, but Adam took it a step further today. With no games to his liking for Thursday night, he went in-depth on how to look at games from a situational standpoint. With examples from earlier in the week and then some examples of what he’s looking for on Friday, listeners are now armed with more ammunition to go after the oddsmakers and turn a profit.

Along with all of that insight on the past and present, the weekend ahead has a lot of compelling storylines, including five series that are worth monitoring closely. The Blue Jays and Yankees battle for first place, while the Pirates and Mets and Nationals and Giants all jockey for playoff positioning. The Cubs and White Sox renew their cross-town rivalry and the Astros are (spoiler alert) in good shape against the Detroit Tigers.



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