The MLB playoffs have arrived and Adam Burke hit the airwaves on Sunday night to get you ready for the postseason. The Bettor’s Box has been an excellent resource to MLB bettors throughout the season and that’s not going to stop just because 20 of the league’s 30 teams are finished for the season. On the 50th episode of our MLB betting podcast, Adam covered his picks in both leagues, some playoff betting thoughts, and looked at some of the matchups for the postseason.

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To open up the show, Adam gave some general thoughts, tips, and tricks about betting on the postseason. The baseball playoffs have a lower run environment than the regular season and every decision and every pitch is magnified. As a result, there are a lot of momentum swings in the postseason and those are things that bettors need to account for. It may be wise to take a different approach to playoff betting, as Adam discussed.

In the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs meet in a one-game playoff in the Wild Card game on Wednesday night. Adam had a pick for this game, as well as a discussion of both starting pitchers. Jake Arrieta has been on an incredible run of late, but Gerrit Cole is a tough customer as well. It’s a shame that one of these two teams will see its playoff dreams come to an end so abruptly, despite having the second and third-best records in the NL.

In the American League, the New York Yankees host the Houston Astros. It’ll be Masahiro Tanaka against Dallas Keuchel. There are a lot of interesting storylines to this game for these two teams. What could make the Astros a bad matchup for Tanaka? How could the Yankees have success against Dallas Keuchel?

With regards to both leagues, Adam had some thoughts that didn’t surround the Wild Card round, including the St. Louis Cardinals pitching staff, the Kansas City Royals and the challenges that each of their potential opponents would bring, and the series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers.

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