The blizzard that is coating the East Coast has baseball fans dreaming of warmer weather, spring training and the start of the baseball season. It also has baseball bettors watching the free agent market and reviewing the odds for each team to win the 2016 World Series.

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This includes looking at the 2016 Major League Baseball odds to win the World Series. At BetDSI they know that baseball fans don’t take the winter off, but they sit around the hot stove and look forward to betting on the upcoming season.

The current odds that are posted show that one team is currently at the top of the list when it comes to teams that could win a World Series ring. This team may surprise you considering they are in the middle of a historic drought.

The Chicago Cubs have been forever labeled a loveable loser and a cursed franchise that cannot win a championship. All that has changed in recent years as the Cubs are becoming a juggernaut in Major League Baseball. With young talent and incredible acquisitions, the Cubs are listed at (+700) to win it all this season.  To put this into perspective, the defending champion Kansas City Royals are (+1200) to repeat as champions.  The New York Mets, who played the Royals in the World Series are listed at (+1100) to win a ring. These odds are constantly changing over the winter as free agents are committing to new teams.

The San Francisco Giants still have a strong pitching staff and because of this they are (+900) to win the World Series which puts them right behind the Cubs. In the American league, the favorite to win the World Series is the Red Sox (+1000) who acquired pitcher David Price in the offseason.

Until the snow melts and the baseball handicapper begins to thaw out, there is plenty of work to do. Sign up at BetDSI and look at the 2016 odds to win the World Series.