The best thing about the week after the Super Bowl is that Atlantis Sportsboon in Reno, Nevada releases MLB season win totals. Steve Mikkelson and his staff are right on schedule this season. Once again, Atlantis has opened up the MLB market with a line for all 30 teams and there are some surprises, as always.

Parity is the name of the game in the American League, with 12 teams lined at 80.5 or higher. The highest totals belong to the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals with 87. The lowest goes to the Oakland Athletics at 75.5. In the National League, things are top-heavy, to say the least. The San Francisco Giants top the board at 90, with the Chicago Cubs second with 89, and the New York Mets at 88. The Atlanta Braves are the low men on the totem pole at just 65 wins.

Here’s a list of all 30 teams and some surface thoughts:

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays 87

Boston Red Sox 85.5

New York Yankees 85

Baltimore Orioles 80.5

Tampa Bay Rays 78


AL Central

Kansas City Royals 87

Detroit Tigers 85

Cleveland Indians 84

Chicago White Sox 80.5

Minnesota Twins 77.5


AL West

Texas Rangers 86

Houston Astros 85.5

Seattle Mariners 83

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 82.5

Oakland Athletics 75.5


The AL is really tough to project. A lot of teams have a relatively high floor and a relatively low ceiling. This is the type of season where everybody and anybody could be involved in the wild card chase.

In the AL East, the New York Yankees haven’t finished with fewer than 84 wins since 1992, so the under would buck some serious history here. The Boston Red Sox finished in last for the third time in four seasons, but David Price and Craig Kimbrel additions have certainly fueled their season win total line. The Toronto Blue Jays lost David Price, but they will have a full season of Troy Tulowitzki and a dirt infield that could save the legs of the players late into the season.

Regression from the Kansas City Royals seems likely, since they blew up the farm system to go for it all last season and it paid off. Ben Zobrist and Johnny Cueto are gone. The starting rotation is anchored by Yordano Ventura and a lot of replacement-level guys. The Detroit Tigers are a year older and picked up Justin Upton, but major starting pitching concerns exist. Oddsmakers are buying high on the Cleveland Indians starting rotation.

The return of Yu Darvish will give the Texas Rangers an elite 1-2 punch with Darvish and Cole Hamels, hence the high number in Arlington. The Houston Astros check in just one half-win behind after a playoff appearance last season. The Seattle Mariners are expected to contend and the aging Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are on the fringes of contention. The small-market Oakland Athletics are a clear fifth in the West per the oddsmakers.


NL East

New York Mets 88

Washington Nationals 87

Miami Marlins 80.5

Philadelphia Phillies 66.5

Atlanta Braves 65


NL Central

Chicago Cubs 89

St. Louis Cardinals 87.5

Pittsburgh Pirates 87

Milwaukee Brewers 71.5

Cincinnati Reds 71


NL West

San Francisco Giants 90

Los Angeles Dodgers 87

Arizona Diamondbacks 84.5

San Diego Padres 74

Colorado Rockies 68.5


If Steve Mikkelson is buying the Indians rotation, he’s all in on the New York Mets rotation. The divisional strength plays a role in the 88 number in what should be a two-horse race between the Mets and Washington Nationals. Injuries held Washington to 83 wins last season and better health could make things interesting. The Miami Marlins are expected to take a big leap with Giancarlo Stanton back and shorter fences. The rebuilding Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves bring up the rear, not just in the division, but in the league.

The Chicago Cubs lead the three-headed monster that is the National League Central. After a playoff appearance and a 97-win season, it’s hard to argue with their upside. The St. Louis Cardinals are a surprise to be ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates, given St. Louis’s pitching injuries, but the Pirates have some pitching concerns of their own. The rebuilding Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds could be punching bags for their 57 games against those three juggernauts.

In the NL West, the San Francisco Giants won the offseason with Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and Denard Span, so they grab the top spot. The Los Angeles Dodgers lost the offseason by losing Zack Greinke and failing to complete a trade for Aroldis Chapman and the signing of Hisashi Iwakuma. The Arizona Diamondbacks also won the offseason and see a nice bump with the Greinke signing and Shelby Miller trade. The San Diego Padres, the 2014 offseason winner, drops 10 wins this season. Colorado brings up the rear and it’ll be hard to find over money.

We’ll see what the rest of the market posts, but credit to Steve Mikkelson and the Atlantis Sportsbook staff for opening up the MLB season win total market again this year.