Las Vegas is now firmly involved in the MLB season win total market. Golden Nugget opened last week, but it’s the Westgate Superbook numbers that came out on Sunday afternoon that are getting all of the attention now. There are definitely some interesting numbers for both the season win totals and the division futures odds.

Here’s a look at the numbers, courtesy of Superbook manager Jeff Sherman’s Twitter feed:

AL East

Baltimore Orioles 78.5

Boston Red Sox 87.5

New York Yankees 86.5

Tampa Bay Rays 81.5

Toronto Blue Jays 86.5


AL Central

Chicago White Sox 80.5

Cleveland Indians 85.5

Detroit Tigers 80.5

Kansas City Royals 83.5

Minnesota Twins 79.5


AL West

Houston Astros 88.5

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 81.5

Oakland Athletics 75.5

Seattle Mariners 82.5

Texas Rangers 83.5


Parity reigns supreme once again in the American League, as only the Orioles, Twins, and Athletics are lined under 80 victories. It’s going to be tough in the American League this season, as it seems like every team has some sort of shot at the playoffs, with some obviously in better shape than others. Considering that the range in the American League is 13 wins from top to bottom, it should be a great year in the Junior Circuit.


NL East

Atlanta Braves 67.5

Miami Marlins 78.5

New York Mets 89.5

Philadelphia Phillies 64.5

Washington Nationals 89.5


NL Central

Chicago Cubs 93.5

Cincinnati Reds 69.5

Milwaukee Brewers 69.5

Pittsburgh Pirates 86.5

St. Louis Cardinals 87.5


NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks 81.5

Colorado Rockies 71.5

Los Angeles Dodgers 89.5

San Diego Padres 73.5

San Francisco Giants 88.5


The range is decidedly larger in the National League, where the Chicago Cubs are lined at 93.5 wins and the Philadelphia Phillies are 29 wins below that. As expected, the NL is very top-heavy and bottom-heavy, with only Arizona lined between 86.5 and 78.5. There’s not much middle ground here and there are some teams with very high ceilings and very low floors. It’s the polar opposite in the American League with a lot of high floor teams and not many high ceiling teams.

Along with these MLB season win totals, oddsmakers at the Superbook put out some division winner odds:

AL East

Baltimore Orioles 8/1

Boston Red Sox 2/1

New York Yankees 11/4

Tampa Bay Rays 6/1

Toronto Blue Jays 11/4


AL Central

Chicago White Sox 5/1

Cleveland Indians 9/5

Detroit Tigers 5/1

Kansas City Royals 5/2

Minnesota Twins 6/1


AL West

Houston Astros 10/13

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 6/1

Oakland Athletics 20/1

Seattle Mariners 5/1

Texas Rangers 4/1


These obviously follow the order of the season win total lines, but it is very interesting to see some of these numbers. The Indians as a 9/5 favorite in the AL Central is certainly the most eye-popping of the numbers, unless you see Houston as a chalk play as the most surprising. It certainly seems like -130 on Houston is a little bit presumptuous, but they do have the fewest questions in that division. The American League race should be entertaining, with Boston favored at 2/1, but other teams right there in the hunt.

NL East

Atlanta Braves 80/1

Miami Marlins 10/1

New York Mets EVEN

Philadelphia Phillies 80/1

Washington Nationals EVEN


NL Central

Chicago Cubs 1/2

Cincinnati Reds 80/1

Milwaukee Brewers 80/1

Pittsburgh Pirates 15/4

St. Louis Cardinals 15/4


NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks 7/1

Colorado Rockies 50/1

Los Angeles Dodgers 11/10

San Diego Padres 20/1

San Francisco Giants 6/5


Not surprisingly, the division odds are very heavy on the top teams. The Mets and Nationals don’t project to have a whole lot of competition for NL East bragging rights and it would be a huge surprise to see anybody else in the hunt. You’re basically taking even money on your pick between the Mets or the Nationals. In the Central, the Cubs are heavily favored, with the Pirates and Cardinals as the other two teams with a reasonable shot. Out west, the Dodgers and Giants are projected to be in a two-horse race, with the Diamondbacks in the rearview mirror.

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