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  • College Football Bowl Betting Tips

    The BCS is among us and this is the time of year when the serious handicapper has to bear down and figure out the bowl season. There is a break between when the regular season ends and when the bowl season starts so it gives the avid handicapper time to look over all of the games. With the holidays and the numerous bowl games it could become quite a burden to find the right games to play and all of the angles. This article assists the handicapper in covering the games and reminds the bettor what to look for when covering the bowl championship season.

    Coaches they come and they go:
    This is the time of year in college football when college coaches are hired and fired, but it is not always that simple in the college football ranks. Often college football coaches are hired and fired before the team plays a bowl game and you must wait for an announcement to see if the coach will be there for the big game. For example UCLA did fire the head coach and he will not coach in the bowl game. As a sports bettor you have to find out the coach that will take over and if he has anything vested in the game. If the coach is a players coach it is important to find out if the team wants to send him out on a good note or are they just happy to see him go. It is not always to keep up with the coaching carousel but it could mean extra money in your pocket, or out of it! To name a few teams, Arkansas, UCLA, Navy have all shipped off coaches and going through some change and that is just the start of it.

    Show some respect:

    Every year it never fails there is a team that feels like they have been robbed by the system that is obviously full of errors. An undefeated team that is not given credit like Hawaii this year and Boise last year can be dangerous if they feel they have something to prove. The trick is to find out what teams they are. This year it seems like it is the Big 12 that got the most controversy when it comes to BCS placement. Missouri had to be the team was robbed beyond belief as they went into the last game of the season and lost to a good Oklahoma team and ended up out of the BCS picture. To make matters worse Kansas a team that spent most of the year without a loss dropped a game to Missouri and still made the Bowl Championship series with a game against Virginia Tech. This is where research come sin. Is Missouri out to prove a point against Arkansas or are they just distraught with the placement. On the other hand is Kansas just happy to make the bowl championship series or do they need to prove to the world they belong there? This is just dome of the things that sports bettors need to research when looking into the Bowl season.

    Home sweet Home:
    Fans play a big role in the bowl game and a team that plays closer to the home stadium could have a huge edge with the fan base so it is important to realize where the game is being played but it may even be more important to find out if the fan base will travel. All fan bases will travel but some of them will go further and in more numbers than others. This is important to know because a solid fan base could make all the difference in the big game.

    Everyone roots for the Underdog:
    Underdogs have always done well in the bowl season. They know that they are coming into a game with something to prove and they are easily motivated once they find out they are underdogs. Underdogs will often get crowd support late if they are keeping it close in an unbiased crowd base. The bigger the underdogs the more the fans will cheer for them and in turn inspire them. The bigger the underdog the more the fans start to get behind them when they are making it close in the big game!

    These are just a few of the things that you need to look at when handicapping the BCS series this year! Make sure to cover these angles and more and look for the edges that will make all the difference in the big game!!