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  • How To Use A Consensus Report

    In part one of the consensus report the discussion was centered on what a report is and the theory and basic definition of consensus. The consensus report when it referred to sport wagering was found to be just a ledger that kept track of the number or the percentage of wagers accepted on the side or the total of any given game. The theory behind it was that the public is wrong more than they are right so the smart sports bettor would want to bet against the consensus. This is excellent in theory but did not discuss how to use the consensus report. In part two of the truth behind the numbers the discussion will focus on how to use a consensus report.

    Knowing the basics of the consensus report is not good enough and using it in theory will never yield a high result. As mentioned the theory is the public is wrong more than they are right. However if someone pulled up a consensus report and just bet against all the teams that the public were on there is a good chance that they would not always come back with winning tickets. The consensus report is a fad that has hit the market with energy and excitement and has grown into a huge handicapping juggernaut. Because of this the public grabbed it and decided to just use it as a standalone handicapping tool, they just saw the numbers and bet against the public without any regard to the numbers or the outcome. All the sports bettor knew was that they did not want to be on the same side as “Joe Public” because he is seemingly always wrong and they just want to win and not be in the same group. By blindly following this method without additional research they were actually closer to following the public because they were being into a system that was untested and were lambs being led to slaughter. There are several things that the sports bettor should be aware of when using a consensus report.

    The first thing is to know your source. Where to find the consensus report that is used for making wagers is important and will be the subject of part three of this study. The reason this has its own section is because you have to realize that all consensus reports may not show you the exact numbers you’re looking for. So the first thing to remember when using a consensus report to handicap is to know where the consensus report is coming from and what type of data that your working with.

    Secondly make sure that the consensus report is being used as a handicapping tool and not as a standalone way of picking winners. When used properly the consensus report is a great tool to pick winners but not alone. In fact a sports bettor should never use it alone. It is meant to be used as a tool alongside other handicapping methods and good old fashioned research. The consensus numbers are affected by more than just public perception; they are affected by injuries, personnel substitutions and changes as well as location. If proper handicapping is not completed to discover these nuisances can lead to a misrepresentation of the consensus number on aside or a total. To use the consensus report properly combine it with other methods of handicapping but remember that it is a combination of methods that provide winning results and profits not just one of them.

    Lastly look at the big picture when it comes to a consensus report. After all it was great due to a widely based assumption turned theory that caught on as an international fad. The theory alone has flaws because the report does not always show the general public and everyone does not always lose when they gamble. Casino’s and bookmakers thrive off recreational and problem gamblers. Professional sports bettors win because they take the time to handicap and practice sound money management. Perhaps the more interesting theory would be to follow the professional instead of fading the losing gambler. Then the sports bettor could learn how to get better and improve their craft instead of relying on unknown data and a shot in the dark.

    The next phase of the consensus report is discussing where to find them. This is extremely useful because not all numbers are the same and not all reports derive from the same source. Knowing the pros and cons from different sites can assure the sports bettor that they are working with the best data available. Again this will not be valuable if the bettor does not use the consensus as part of the big picture of handicapping.. Following the three steps as outlined in this study will tremendously increase the odds in your favor. Remember to know your source, use all your handicapping tools, and look at the big picture to be a success in the sports betting professional. The goal is to emulate the professional and not fade the perceived loser. This will get the sports bettor heading into the right direction and winning money!

    Part 3: Where To Find A Consensus Report