College Basketball Totals Plays 3/15/18


Totals have been a bit of a struggle this post-season, although that really shouldn’t be the case. Over the years, unders are hitting about 51 to 52%, so you can see making a minor point adjustment, but nothing too radical, although that hasn’t really panned out. Still, we’ll have two overs and two unders for the day, so let’s get to it.

South Dakota State vs. Ohio State: I used the Buckeyes as a side wager and am going to come right back and their game to land over the total of 147. South Dakota State likes to play uptempo and while Ohio State really doesn’t a bit of that has to do with the style of play frequently found in the Big 10 Conference. The Buckeyes probably won’t mind running a little bit in this one, especially as they have the athleticism edge and a fast-tempo game should work to their advantage a little bit here and wouldn’t be surprised to see them break away from their normal style a little here.

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San Diego State vs. Houston: The Cougars are favored by 4 and the total in this one is one is down to 142.5. These aren’t the Aztecs of old, as they are a bit more offensive than some previous versions of the squad, but they’re not terrible defensively. Houston can play a little bit of defense, as well, as think San Diego State might try to slow things down a little bit in this one and make the most of each possession. Will go ahead and tab the under in this one for a play.

Iona vs. Duke: The total in this one is 157.5, which is definitely on the high side, but Iona likes to run and don’t think the Blue Devils will have any qualms about doing the same thing themselves. I have Duke coming close to triple digits in this one and think the Gaels will get a few points themselves, so will have to play the over in this game.

Loyola vs. Miami, Fla.: A fair number of people like Loyola in this game and if they’re going to do anything it will be because of their defense, something the Hurricanes are pretty good at themselves. The total is a bit on the low side, currently sitting between 132.5 and 133 depending on your sportsbook. Have to believe that the under is the right side in this one, as Loyola tries to slow this one down.

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