• Transition to College Hoops

    The Super Bowl is gone and with it goes a great football season and plenty of highlights and memorable moments. Besides a parade or two and some draft coverage it is time to take the focus off the football and turn your attention to college basketball.

    March Madness and college basketball is the second most bet on event right behind the super bowl and plenty of people bet on it without knowing too much about college basketball. There are a few things that basketball fans and sports bettors should do to make sure that they are ready to fill in the brackets and win a few bucks when March madness gets here.

    If you have been so glued to football that you have not watched any basketball this season there may be a few surprises. Teams that used to be automatic number one seeds have fallen on some tough times. North Carolina and Connecticut are a few of the well known college basketball powerhouse schools that have fallen on some tough times. If these teams make the big dance and they most likely will then if you have not been following the season those teams could have a quick exit and your bracket could be broken earlier.

    It is a good idea to get familiar with teams outside the Top 10. Here is the Top ten in a nutshell. Kansas is one of the best and the Big East is the best conference in college basketball. It’s easy to see that with a quick glimpse but if you want to find the sleepers than drop lower in the rankings. There is no need to go far as a team like new Mexico will stick out as better than they have been in the past with a 21-3 record to start the season. Temple, UNLV and Baylor will also peak your interest as teams that deserve a second look. Getting familiar with these teams now will get you ready to win money on college games leading up to the Big Dance and pick a great bracket!

    The main thing is to just start watching college basketball, once you get into the game the rest will come easy and before you know it you will be winning like a pro and ready for March Madness to begin!