• March Madness Betting Preview

    It's insane to witness the degree that people are affected by the Big Dance, aka March Madness, aka the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. Every year 64 teams earn their way into the race to be number one. All teams are Division I contenders. The tournament is played throughout a three week period in March and April. The sixty-four teams represent four regions of the United States with sixteen teams each.

    The tournament is a single-elimination contest. Each region has sixteen teams “seeded” in order of season statistics from one to sixteen. Seed one will challenge seed sixteen, seed two will challenge seed fifteen, and so on until each region determines its top four teams. These top four teams from each region are called the Sweet Sixteen. This marks the beginning of the semi-finals. Further elimination yields the Elite Eight.

    Representing the champion teams from each regional bracket are the Final Four. One of these teams will be deemed the NCAA Champion for the given year. The single-elimination tournament format allows for the advancement of underdog teams. This element is quite orchestral in the creation of worldwide wagering buzzes. The NCAA goes through intense planning to ensure the fairness and non-biased representation to all competing teams.

    The result of this tournament since 1939 is one of the most exciting, and bet on, sports events of the year, every year. The nation and the world cannot absorb enough basketball to satiate themselves during this three week period. Hence the development of professional services to aid these droves of basketball maniacs in safer betting practices. The internet is surprisingly full of resources claiming to be the “The” authority of all things March Madness-like.

    Some of these services can and do provide great guidance for the inept and advanced wagerers. Statistics are available as well as chat rooms for the budding better. Information is readily available to assist sports enthusiasts and bet makers from all walks as they embark on an exciting opportunity to place a friendly wager on an event that’s on national fire with exhilaration. Join in the fun this year. Place a wager on your favorite team and continue the Madness!!