• March Madness Betting: Handicapping the Conference tournaments

    A big part of getting ready for the big dance is to try and understand the teams that will be playing in it. If as a sports bettor if you have not studied yet you are behind the power curve but not all is lost the conference tournaments can help get you up to speed. Here are a few things to look at when handicapping the conference tournaments.

    1. Know all the teams —It’s easy to know the top teams in all of the conferences. If any basketball fan as turned on a TV to watch college basketball this year you could not have helped to see Duke or any ACC team as they have gotten plenty of air time, but do you know any of the lower seeds in the ACC? Make sure to take the time to investigate the lower seeds as opposed to the teams you already know.

    2. Get out of your comfort zone —Whatever region you follow there is a good chance you know the teams from that area. If you live up North you may know the Big east, and in the South the SEC, but get out of your comfort zone. If you live in the east study the Pac-10 and if you live in the West study the Big East. Get to know as many conferences’s as you can so you will be well versed in more than one conference.

    3. Don’t forget the little guys —every college basketball fan loves an underdog and the mid major colleges have been a force lately in the big dance. The March Madness fan always will remember the great run by George Mason a few years ago. If you take time to study the smaller conference’s as a sports bettor you can get on the bandwagon before the team takes off and win in the conference tournament and in the big dance as well.

    4. Coaches Count —the players make it happen and to learn what kind of scheme a team plays and what type of players they have is important but don’t forget about the head coach. The coaching carousel spins every year but it’s a matter of finding out where they land. Plenty of coaches have made come backs with smaller schools and are having success. Look into coaches because experience in tournaments is huge!

    This may be a lot to ingest but it will get you ready for the conference tournaments and ultimately the big dance. Try not to spread yourself too thin and don’t get pressured into playing a conference that you are not familiar with. This start will get you and your bank roll ready for the big dance.