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  • Tools that can help you pick out March Madness Winners

    March madness offers plenty of betting opportunities and chances to make money if you are prepared going into it. The way to prepare is to get the proper tools to pick winners and if you start by printing out the bracket and just picking blindly you are going to be in for a long post season in the college basketball season.

    The Dog Barks:
    The dog barks loudly in the big dance and as a sports bettor the key is to bet more dogs than favorites but you do need to pick your spots. The dog is always somewhat successful when the big dance starts because every team is playing their hearts out because it could be the last game of the season and for some their collegiate careers.

    History counts:
    As a sports bettor you would be remiss if you did not check out the past results in the tournament. The most popular over the years if the fact that the #12 seed has always fared well against the #5 seed and the fact that the last seed has never beaten the #1 seed. While most sports bettors would never take the lowest ranking team on the money line to beat the #1 seed, if they were thinking about it, a quick look at history would tell them the numbers are against them.

    Experience is important:
    It is also proven that if there is a college team that is returning plenty of starters then that team should have success in the big dance. This was never more evident than in recent years when the Florida Gators won it all with experience after returning almost the entire team from the year before. It works the opposite way as well and if you do not have the experience on the team it could hurt them in pressure situations.

    Stars Shine:
    It was Larry Bird and Magic Johnson that proved that one player can single handedly take their team to the next level. It is important to recognize those players in today’s game. Even in today’s game it still happens with past players like Carmello Anthony and with today’s young talent don’t be surprised if it happens again this year.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are other things that you can explore to get ready for the big dance to include studying the conference tournaments and knowing the coaches in the league. Getting involved in this full throttle now will get the sports bettor on the plus side before the first tip!