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  • Handicapping College Basketball down the stretch

    College basketball is one of the hardest sports to handicap but it is also can be one of the most profitable. The best way to show a profit in college basketball is to start focusing on how teams will do down the stretch. With about two weeks left in the schedule before conference tournaments this is where teams need to get wins to not only get a good seeding in the conference tournament but to make sure they are in the field of 65 for March Madness.  

    The best thing to do when looking down the stretch is to identify the teams that need wins in key spots and break it down by conference. In the ACC Duke and Wake Forest are a lock to have a good seeding in the ACC Tournament and will get invites to the big dance. Some of the teams in the middle of the pack may not be so lucky. Virginia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Florida St are right around .500 in the ACC and a few key wins down the stretch could get them into the big dance. Georgia Tech is ranked 20th in the country so should get the invite but other teams will have to look at some key wins. Virginia has a key game at home against Duke and a win in that contest could propel them in the tournament. In fact the best part about basketball down the stretch is that all of these teams will play each other giving them all a chance at controlling their own destiny and climbing the standings. This cannot be said for all conferences.  

    In the Big East Syracuse, West Virginia, Villanova, Georgetown, and Pittsburgh are all assured a spot in the big dance and that makes it even harder for teams in the mid-tier to advance. However it does give them a chance to pull off some big wins.  It does not give much wiggle room for teams like Marquette, Louisville, Notre Dame and Cincinnati. The Irish may have the biggest hill to climb with an injury to Harangody the team’s best player. However with games against Pittsburgh and Notre Dame they can make some noise finishing up the season. Cincinnati is the team that may be able to make the most impact as they round out the season. They have games against West Virginia, Villanova and Georgetown. Even one win in the set will get them the big win they need for people to notice. Handicapping college basketball down the stretch is all about looking ahead. 

    This is just two examples of popular conferences but to handicap and wager successfully on college hoops at the end of the season it takes hard work. Be on the look out for spots to back a team when they really need a win and it will turn into big profits at the betting window!