College Basketball Betting Sheet February 12th-16th


As the days pass by and we get closer to the month of March we are going to be inundated with March Madness information regarding the NCAA Tournament. It can be everything from seeding predictions to bubble watch and which teams are in danger of missing the tournament and which teams are locks to be the top seeds in the tournament. Unlike most prediction shows about sports, these shows can be very useful. It is not as hard to predict which teams are going to the Big Dance and which teams are fighting to get in. This could provide plenty of betting opportunities for the college basketball handicapper as the sport wraps up the regular season.

The college basketball betting sheet also provides plenty of information that will highlight games and teams as we head down the stretch. This week the betting sheet will focus on some of the teams that are going to be dancing or hope to be. This is a look at college basketball betting for the week of February 12th to February 15th.

Sweet 16

If the NCAA Tournament started today then the top sixteen teams would be as follows. 1. Virginia, 2. Villanova, 3. Xavier, 4. Purdue, 5. Auburn, 6. Kansas, 7. Duke, 8. Cincinnati, 9. Clemson, 10. Texas Tech, 11. Michigan State, 12. North Carolina,13. Tennessee,  14. Ohio State, 15. Arizona and 16. Oklahoma. This should not come as a surprise to the basketball handicappers as all of these teams have had a good season and they are deserving of the rankings. Although some of these teams are the tops in the country it does not mean that they are the best against the spread (ATS). For example Arizona is just 9-15-2 ATS on the season and the Oklahoma Sooners are just 8-15 ATS. One mistake that handicappers often do in the big dance is bet blindly on big named teams. Make sure that you have checked all of the angles before buying in on a team regardless of the name on the jersey.

Bail Out on Baylor

One of the biggest things to consider is the letdown game. We have discussed this in great detail this season and managed to get some solid winners all year long. Baylor is in this spot early this week as they head to Texas to take on the Longhorns after pulling off an upset over the Kansas Jayhawks. The Bears were only 2.5 point underdogs which may have alerted smart bettors, but still it was a monumental win for the Bears. The Bears have now won four straight games against the spread and they won three of those games as underdogs. They will once again be underdogs against Texas this week as they have been installed as (-2.5) point pups. They may seem like a tempting bet but Baylor is just 1-7 straight up on the road and they are going up against a Texas team that is 7-3 ATS in the last ten games overall and in need of a win if they hope to go dancing in March.

Killing Kentucky

The Kentucky Wildcats are always one of the best teams in the country, but not this year. After losing to Texas A&M the Wildcats have now lost three straight games and they are 0-4 ATS in the last four games overall. They are actually 3-7 ATS in the last ten games overall and it seems as though the Wildcats have bigger problems this year than they have had in the past. They are one of the youngest teams in the country and that is cause for concern. Usually the teams that do the best in the tournament have solid experience. It won’t get any easier for Kentucky this week as they head to Auburn to play the Tigers on Wednesday.



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