• Teasers

    The Teaser wager is one of the more popular wagers in sports betting circles. They offer the sports bettor and chance to manipulate the lines in their favor.

    A teaser bet is basically a parlay bet with adjusted lines.  It is when you change the point spread to give your wager a better chance of winning. They call it a teaser, because the bettor is “teasing” the point-spreads.  Although some will say it is called a teaser because it “teases” the bettor into thinking they have an easy victory.

    If you change the spread to your advantage then the betting odds will reduce as your team has a better chance of making the bet. However, if you add more teams the odds tend to even out and even switch into your favor.

    With a Teaser bet you take the standard point spread that the best sportsbook is offering to make the betting more even. The standard point spread bet offered is usually (-110) depending on what sport is being teased. Most teasers allow adjustments to the point-spread, totals, or money lines.

    Here is an example of a three-team teaser in the NFL.

    Football teasers have different amounts of points that can be added or subtracted, but for this example we will use seven points.  The lines before the teaser are Raiders +7, Patriots -10, and Packers -3. 

    After a three-team teaser is applied with seven points for each point-spread the lines would change as follows: Raiders +14, Patriots -3, and Packers +4.  In this small teaser it is very easy to see how the adjusted point-spread can work in your favor. The payout of the wager is dependent upon how many points you wish to receive.

    When betting teasers using the right strategies the possibilities and the payouts are endless.  Make sure to choose a sports book that is right for teaser betting and right for you!

    More On Teasers:

    • Open Teasers - When betting on a teaser it is not essential to select all of the teams in the teaser at once. The sports bettor can fill out the open spots of the teaser later on, if it is still pending which means there are no losing selections.
    • Monster Teasers - A Monster Teaser is a teaser on steroids.
    • Progressive Teasers - Progressive Teaser works much the same way as a teaser. However, with a Progressive Teaser, there is a relief payout for having an incorrect selection.
    • Multi-Chance Teasers - A Multi-chance Teaser works much the same way as a Progressive Teaser.