• Second Chance Parlays

    The Parlay is one of the most entertaining types of sports betting that there is. The excitement is in the payout as the parlay offers a chance of winning big if you can correctly predict a combination of winning wagers.

    The parlay bet is a selection of point spreads or totals. The more selections added to the parlay the higher the payout increases, however it also adds to the risk. Hitting a big parlay is rare but when it does hit, it is very exciting. The frustration is also a part of betting on the parlay.

    The sports bettor will take a shot at betting a parlay just to watch all of the bets come in except for one and therefore losing the parlay. In a regular parlay a push will not cause your parlay to lose but it will decrease the returns. To avoid this frustration from mounting for the sports bettor, sports books have introduced the second chance parlay.

    Second Chance Parlays, are parlays where the Sports book is willing to forgive a certain amount of losing picks in the parlay and still pay at an adjusted price. Second chance parlays are limited to a minimum of four picks and a max of 10 picks, depending on the sports book.

    The important thing to keep in mind is that because the Sports book is willing to take losing picks in the Second Chance Parlay, the payout for all or some winning picks will not be the same as when you play a regular parlay.

    It is also important to mention that there are no pushes in second chance parlays; all pushes will be considered a loss. The second chance parlay may not pay as much as a regular parlay, but winning something is better than losing everything.

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