• Round Robin Betting

    One of the most exciting bets in all of sports betting is the parlay. The parlay has the ability to pay off big with little investment. It increases the risk or the chances of winning, but when it does, it is often remarkable. For those that love the parlay and betting on big wagers than they should be very familiar with Round Robin betting.

    Round Robin betting is just another way to make parlay betting even more exciting.  The Round Robin is a way to combine or “box” parlays for a big return. Many US sports books are already set up to take Round Robin wagers and to calculate the payouts when you input the teams for the Round Robin wager.

    When making a Round Robin wager the sports bettor is combing three teams or more in different combinations for one big payday.

    For example if a sports bettor liked the following three teams, Patriots -7, Giants -5 and the Raiders +3 and they wanted to put them in a parlay the Round Robin could increase the payouts.

    Here is an example of how all three teams would look if placed into a Round Robin wager. 

    The sports bettor would have one parlay with the Giants -5 and the Patriots -7. The round Robin would include another parlay with the Patriots -7 and the Raiders +3. Another parlay with the Giants -5 and the Raiders +3 and finally depending on the Round Robin type the sports bettor would have one more combination of the parlay including every team. If the sports bettor manages to correctly predict the outcome of all three games the payout would be incredible.

    The odds and payouts for a Round Robin wager are calculated based on the amount of teams in the parlay and the odds on each team. It is very easy to see how the Round Robin wager revolutionizes the parlay and could make for a very big pay day!

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