• Rolling If Betting

    It has happened to any sports bettor who has ever put money on a game, especially on an NFL Sunday. You have a bet on the early game and it goes to overtime. All of your money is tied up in that game, but the second set of games is about to kickoff. In the past there was no other option than missing the game, but all that has changed thanks to Rolling If-Bets.

    Rolling If-Bets are basically a parlay or teaser wager made conditional on the outcome of a previously placed wager that is still pending.  The pending wager can be a wager on an event that is in progress or it can be off a wager that has yet to begin. Certain sports books will limit the type of wagers that you can roll off of so make sure to read all of the rules at your sports book before placing Rolling If-Bets.

    For example some sports books will not allow the pending wager to be an existing If-Bet, Reverse, any play with an open leg (Parlay or Teaser), a Free-Play, Reduced Juice bet or an Asian Handicap.  The most common Rolling If-Bets are derived from a Straight Bet, a Teaser, or a Parlay. Even then the amount of teams included in the parlay or teaser may not be able to be used for Rolling If-Bets if they are large in nature.

    When betting using a Rolling If-Bet if the play is a push, it will be listed as no action. If the first leg of the Rolling If-Bets is a push, the second wager will be cancelled and graded as “no action”.

    The Rolling If-Bet is changing the face of sports wagering. No longer will a sports bettor miss a game because their money is all tied up in current wagers. Once you get familiar with using Rolling If-Bets you will never miss betting another game again.