• Reduced Juice Betting

    In sports betting, like in casino gambling the house always seems to have the edge. The professional or savvy sports bettor has to do everything in their power if they hope to even out the odds. With that being said every sports bettor knows that they should be taking advantage of reduced juice.

    Reduced juice, depending on how much you wager in a calendar year can save you thousands in the long run. Standard juice is for every $10 a bettor wants to win he is required to risk $11; this can also be represented as -110. That (-110) is also referred to as “juice” in the sports betting world. Juice or vigorish is the amount you have to lay at a sports book to make a wager.

    Juice is the bookmakers commission to take your bet and how sports books make their money. To win your business and get you to play at their sports book, many operations offer reduced juice, and that is something that you want to have.  

    Reduced juice sports books offer players the ability to wager at less than the traditional -110 lines with the reduced juice option.

    This is a huge opportunity and for active players the benefits can be significant savings over a long period of time. Before buying into a sports book see that they offer reduced juice. Several sports books offer a special night where they have reduced juice and a few (although they are rare) offer reduced juice on a daily basis. The knowledgeable sports bettor will always have one out where they can take advantage of reduced juice and save money on their wagers.

    If you are wagering at a sports book that does not offer reduced juice, you may want to switch sports books because it is stacking the odds against you every time you place a wager.