• Quarter Betting

    When sports betting began it was very basic. The sports bettor could wager on who would win or lose the game. Then as sports betting evolved the over/under wager was born allowing for sports bettors to wager on the total amount of points that would be scored in the game. The straight wager and the over/under or total wager were the keystones of sports betting, but my how it has changed over the years.

    With new top-rated sports books emerging every day and new ways of wagering being created, there are many options that need to be considered before betting on a game. The first half, and half-time wagers emerged as exciting ways to bet on the game, but one of the more attractive types of wagering that often gets overlooked is the Quarter Betting option.

    With Quarter Betting the sports bettor gets to bet on games using each quarter as an end point. Each quarter will dictate the start and the end of a wager and all bets will be graded as soon as the quarter is complete. This type of wagering can be used in conjunction with other bets and allows the sports bettor to employ different strategies.

    For example, a sports bettor can break down teams by performance and see how they do in each quarter and use that as their methodology for quarter betting. They can also apply this type of wagering to straight wager, first half wagering, and halftime wagering. This will give the sports bettor plenty of protection when placing wagers.

    The protection comes in with the potential to hedge each bet. Quarter betting breaks down the game to the lowest increment and if played correctly it could provide a maximum return. Sports betting has come a long way over the years and taking advantage of the changes could mean money in your pocket.

    Other types of wagering include First Half Betting and Halftime Wagering.