• Prop Bets

    Betting on sports is a fun and exciting way to enjoy watching your favorite sporting event. One of the more popular and “fun” ways of wagering on a sporting event is called Prop betting. Betting on a Prop bet is a very unique way of wagering on an event and is different from the normal way of wagering.

    Instead of wagering on what team will win or what the total amount of points scored is like you do in a straight bet, the sports bettor will bet on the outcome of player vs. player matchup’s, or a certain event in the game, such as the coin toss. Prop betting has become more and more popular over the years. The biggest event that attracts the most prop betting over the years is the Super Bowl.

    Each and every year sports books over hundreds of prop bets. These prop bets can have an extensive range covering many events through the game. For the Super bowl the props in the past have ranged from the first player to catch a touchdown to what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach.

    However prop bets should be approached cautiously. Many professional handicappers will wager on prop bets but they will settle for the player props and not the off-the-wall prop bets that are offered on a yearly basis.

    Some of the more common prop bets usually include game performance. For example one of the most common prop bets is passing yardage.

    Here is an example of a prop bet on passing yardage:

    Tom Brady Passing yardage over/under 250 yards

    This prop bet has two outcomes. The sports bettor can bet on Brady to have OVER 250 passing yards or UNDER 250 passing yards. This is the type of prop bet that intrigues both the professional bettor and the recreational bettor during the big game.

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